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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a great weekend after our snow day on Thursday! I feel like we got a lot accomplished, although there was more I would've liked to get done. Saturday Alexa spent the day with her daddy so Mimi and I could go to a quilting class in the morning. We had a good time, and hopefully we will finish up our quilts this Saturday. I'll post pictures of them when we finish! I have never sewn before, so it was a bit of a challenge for me, but I think I did fairly well. I have two strip sets to finish before Saturday, and since I did 2 last night in about 30 minutes I don't see it being a problem to finish on time! After that we had Mexican for lunch, and as always it was wonderful! I could eat my weight in chips I think! Then we walked over to One Scrappy Chick so I could get some more cardstock.

It was snowing pretty hard at that point, but it wasn't cold enough to stick. We went home and relaxed for part of the afternoon before I set out for Spartanburg in search of some other scrapping supplies. After what seemed like ten different stores I had what I needed, and most of what I wanted! I really wanted to buy the Alphalicious cartridge at Hobby Lobby, but I talked myself out of it...I'm going to try and find it for a better price!! :)

After my shopping I went to pick up Alexa, and she was a sleepy little girl. She has had a cold over the last week or so and it has altered her sleeping patterns! For instance, she has forgotten that at bedtime I lay her down and she goes to sleep...hopefully that's not going to take too long to get back! I did a little bit of work with the cricut after I put her down. I'm certainly glad she seems to be feeling better, although she never really acts like she doesn't feel good...except at night.

Sunday we got up and went to church as usual, and then came home for lunch with the fam. My Grandpa and his girlfriend came over and brought a casserole she made. It was yummy! After we cleaned up from lunch we headed to Jodi's house...my main purpose...to scrap! Uncle Jerry went with us, so they entertained the babies upstairs while we worked in the craft room downstairs! I LOVE the new space...it is going to be so much fun getting to work down there with Jodi, and the biggest bonus is we won't have to pull everything out, or put it back when we are done! Then we came home for church, but Alexa fell asleep right before we got to Landrum, so they decided to drop me off at home instead.

Of course that meant yesterday was back to work as usual! After work Mimi made a pot of corn chowder that we all enjoyed and agreed we will have it again soon. Then I took Alexa to her daddy's house. She spent the night with him last night, which meant lots of crafting time for me...and a good nights sleep! I put two strip sets together for my quilt, and then I worked on my latest scrapbook page. Then, it was time for bed...and I was definitely ready!

I have school tonight, and when I get out I will be going to pick up Alexa...and man do I miss her! I really enjoyed getting to sleep last night, but it just isn't the same without her around! I hope everyone has a great week! Here are some of the pictures from our weekend!

Mimi and Alexa reading one of her favorite books

Her newest trick...she has learned how to climb and stand on top of things! She also stands up on her little car, but unlike the box, it moves and she fell off of it one time.

Not quite as dangerous...just sitting on the box

I am a HAM!

Hiding under the blanket

Uncle Jerry and Alexa sleeping (ok play sleeping) on her duck

Walker and Alexa in the basket

Playing in the blowup bouncer

Isn't this fun?

We are both so SILLY!

Rolling around

This is my latest scrapbook creation...the pictures are from back in September! Better late than never...it's not quite finished, but I haven't decided how to finish it yet. I'll post the end result when I'm done.

The title is small steps bring big adventures...bring is kind of hard to read because of the font it's cut with and the size...I might change that too.


Mimi said...

Between the bouncing and the climbing these babies are keeping us on our toes - but oh what fun! Just a mention of The Inman Quilt Cottage where Autumn and I are taking the quilt class. They have such beautiful fabrics and lots of good advice and help and they sell Berninas! I'm enjoying mine more and more. Stop by and see Becky & Jody - you'll be glad you did.

Haley said...

Autumn, I loved all of the things you posted that Jodi made, and now that I have a new niece, I would love to have her make some things. Is there a good way I can get in touch with her to place an order?

Glad you had a great weekend!