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Monday, January 28, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted in like a week, so I guess my reason should just be laziness! Seriously though, I have been really busy! Let's recap...the last time I posted was Tuesday. Tuesday night I had school...and let's just say this semester is going to be a trying one for me. I am taking 12 hours, and half are easy while the other half...not so much! I can tell the easy classes are going to drive me crazy, and the hard classes are going to kill me! Ok, not really. I am really looking forward to finishing this degree...unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be any time soon.

Anyway, as I was saying...life just seems a bit busy right now. I have changed my work hours to coordinate with my school schedule, and as a result, I am having to come in earlier. So far we have done really well getting here at 7:30, but it is still a stretch as I hate getting up early! This semester I am taking Music Appreciation, and I will appreciate it when it's OVER! Probability and Statistics, which is killing me because it's one math class I actually get, and no one else in the class seems to...hoping that gets better as we go! Then I have my lovely Cisco courses...let's just say I really don't like Cisco! I'll leave it at that. All of this packed in with a full time job, and Alexa is a LOT!

I really feel bad because I know when I get home at night I should be studying, but at the same time I have been away from her all day so I also feel like I need to spend time with my baby. So far she ALWAYS wins out! This degree is important to me, but I will not sacrifice my family for it!

Wednesday night we ate supper at church and then came home and relaxed a little bit before bedtime. Then Thursday was school again. Thankfully this semester isn't as rushed as last semester where Cisco is concerned, so instead of covering 2 chapters a week we only have 1...so after our lab we got out early!! Mama had everyone over Thursday night for dinner, and I got home in time to see them before they left. I was really glad about that because I hardly ever get to see Walker, and Grandpa and Grace left Friday morning to go to Florida. I hope they come back soon!

Friday I got off work early so Alexa and I got to spend some extra time together, and then I went to One Scrappy Chic to pick up a few things for my scrapbook collection! LOL! We pretty much just stayed at home for the rest of the night, and Pop made omeletts for supper. They were super yummy!! :)

Saturday was busy as always! Alexa spent the day with her daddy because Mimi and I went back to our quilt class. We are almost done with them...and I think they are going to be really pretty! I can't wait to post a picture when we're done! I'm so proud of myself because this is way out of my comfort zone, but it has proved to be pretty easy. Mimi is going back tomorrow night to get the final instructions, and she will bring them home to me since I have school. After our class we had Mexican for lunch at Bronco's in Inman, then we headed home and Mimi worked on her squares. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning up and cleaning out my bedroom.

Living at home has proved to be harder than I thought for multiple reasons. The main one is the space limitations! I have so much stuff and my room is really small! Not to mention that I have a good bit of Alexa's stuff in there as well. Pop has started working on Alexa's room, and when it's finished it should free up a lot of space in my room, and I am definitely looking forward to that! It will also be nice to get back in her crib and out of the pack-n-play! She doesn't seem to mind sleeping in the pack-n-play, but I just like the idea of a crib better...not really sure why!

Lindsey and Sev got home Saturday, but due to the lack of communication we didn't get to see them. I picked Alexa up from her daddy around 6:30, and we came home to a nice surprise! Mimi and Pop were fixing burgers for Pop to grill! I LOVE homemade cheeseburgers! Then after dinner we relaxed before bedtime.

Sunday we got up and headed to church. Alexa was so cute because she wanted to take her little Bible with her. She carried it and her offering envelope just like a big girl...she is growing up so fast. I also distracted her in the car until she forgot about the bow I put in her hair. She left it in until after lunch...super shocking! The first time I put it in that morning she immediately ripped it out! I'm sure some of you look at her pictures and think...does Autumn EVER brush her hair. Well, the answer is YES! I brush is daily, and it's just super curly! At least with a clip in the front it keeps that all together, but apparently Alexa doesn't like the clip! LOL! Oh well, I try! After church we headed to Powdersville to meet Uncle Josh and Aunt Brenda for lunch. We haven't seen them since Christmas!

I realize they don't live that far away, but with the crazy busy schedules we have, and both of them are in school as well it just makes it hard! I know Brenda is excited because she will finish up her RN in May, and then Josh has just started working on his MBA this spring. I'm not sure when his expected completion date is though. Either way we are proud of both of them! At least Mimi has one nurse in the family!! :)

After that we came home and Mimi and I got ready to go to choir. I was waiting on Lindsey and Sev to get back from visiting his parents so I decided to go to choir while I waited. I haven't been in several weeks for one reason or another, so I really needed to go. After that Alexa and I loaded up and headed to Anne's house to visit with Lindsey and Sev. We saw Miss Anne just a week or so ago when we had dinner together. We had a great time visiting, and eating supper with them. It hasn't been but a couple of weeks since I've seen Lindsey and Sev, but it's been about 14 months since Sev has seen Alexa, and about 6 for Lindsey. Obviously they were more interested in her than me...and who could blame them? She is adorable!

Lindsey couldn't believe how big she has gotten, and how much she talks! She does surprisingly well for a 16 month old baby! She loves to talk, and believe me she will repeat just about anything you say. Sometimes I am even shocked at the words she can say!

We left there around 8, and Alexa was really sleepy! I wasn't surprised when I looked back just a few minutes after we left and she was sound asleep. When we got home Mimi helped me take her jacket and shoes off and I put her straight to bed. I couldn't believe it when she slept all night! LUCKY ME!! I watched part of a movie with mama while I surfed online for scrapbook deals, and then decided to turn in early and catch up on some sleep!

Then that brings us back to Monday...another work week has begun! I got up early this morning and got ready. Then I woke Alexa up about 6:25 with a bowl of oatmeal waiting on her. She was in the best mood. She ate her breakfast and changed her clothes and then we headed to daycare. I really do love her daycare...I'll be sad when I have to move her! The ladies who work there are so sweet and they love her so much! I definitely think it has been great for her socialization! After we dropped her off, we headed to Breuggers to pick up breakfast for Mimi and Mama!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and that you are well rested from the weekend. I have some pictures from this weekend, but I didn't bring my camera with me, so those will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. I can't believe January is almost over!!

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