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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I love fish!! :)

Today is my last full day in Hawaii...and we have been making the most of it. We slept in this morning and then Linds made cinnamon rolls for breakfast...of course she didn't eat any of them because they are too fattening!! :) Then Sev had an appointment to go to so we headed off to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling!

The drive out there was nice and I got to see Koko head, which Linds and Sev are planning to climb next weekend. I can't say I'm sad I'm missing that one!! I saw the staircase leading to the top and it looked rough. Anyway, back to snorkeling. We got to Hanauma Bay, and the weather couldn't have been better!! :) We really picked the best day to go. I am super disappointed that I didn't have an underwater camera, but the last one we got didn't turn out, so I didn't get another one. Now I wish I had. We saw some awesome fish! They were gorgeous, and everywhere. I really enjoyed my first snorkel...and I can't wait to go again...I hope I don't have to wait too long!! LOL!! :) Then we finished our afternoon by laying out on the beach and soaking up a few rays!

After our snorkel we came home and got ready to go out to dinner. We walked to a restaurant close to the apartment, and can I say that it was delicious! The food has been amazing while I've been here, and we still have a few places we are going tomorrow before I leave. My flight isn't until 10:45, so we basically have all day to play on the island again. I am excited because Sev is going to go exploring with us...which among other things will mean we have a photographer. Well, actually Linds says that she will take pictures of the two of us because she is sick of being in pictures with me! :( I am always making her take pictures...and she is always complaining. LOL! Then when she actually agrees to take the picture with me she fusses because she doesn't like her smile so we end up taking 50 trying to get a good one!! Anyway...tomorrow should be fun.

I have had a great time being in Hawaii, and part of me is sad that my time is up tomorrow, but I am DEFINITELY ready to see my Lexapie! I have missed her like crazy, and I am so ready to be home with her. I know she has been in great hands while I've been gone...but I am sure that those hands are ready for a break! Lindsey and Sev have been wonderful hosts, and I am so appreciative of everything they have done for me while I've been here. I hope to have some more great pictures tomorrow, but I doubt I will get them posted before I get home. Here are some "Lindsey approved" pictures from today...LOL! Hopefully my next post will be from the mainland! Pray that my trip back is better than the one out!! :)
This is the beach at Hanauma Bay...the views were gorgeous!

The view of the coastline...and the coral below where we snorkeled

Me with Hanauma Bay in the background

Linds and me with Koko Head in the background...good luck hiking that one!! :)

Linds and me with Hanauma Bay behind us...this was after we snorkeled.


Mimi said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful scenery, who could ask for more? Glad you're having a great time - jealous we're here and not there with you! See you at the airport! Love, Mama

Mrs. Mullen said...


and youre gone :(

I'm sooo glad you were here to help me start my Hawaii adventure and then again to end it!!
I know half the things we got to do this week Sev would have rather died than done again (ie. diamond head, snorkeling in the bay and driving around the island for the 1379182923922 time, hehe) so it was extra special to get the chance to do it all again for the last time with YOU!!
Glad you had fun...and soooo glad we finally saw a durn sea turtle up close and personal, haha!!

Love ya bunches!!

ps. I heard the latest, greatest and most popular luggage these days are actual cardboard boxes!! imagine that, HAHA...hope the little bottle of lotion made it safely!!

give lex hugs and I cant wait to see you both on the EAST COAST!!!

Autumn said...

Me too Linds...we have had some awesome adventures together...I know this won't be the last one, but it definitely was a good one.

I say we plan a trip to the Caribbean for this summer and do some snorkeling!! :)