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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alexa's Mama is in Hawaii - day eight

Yeah! We've made it through....Alexa is in bed sound asleep....if she makes it through the night it means she only had her paci 3 times - last Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday nap time - now if she just doesn't give her Mama a hard time because MiMi rocked her every night at bedtime .....hhhmm.... wonder if Mama will be upset about that :)

MiMi was also able to do the whole blog thing each day but as you can see she fell down on the picture taking job - that's probably why there aren't too many pictures of her own children!

Well - it's been real and mostly really fun!! Maybe MiMi will now get her own blog started - will keep you posted on that one!

We'll be picking Autumn up at the airport tomorrow at 4:30ish barring any blips on the flight plans!

We're glad you're going to be home soon, Mama!

Alexa, MiMi and Pop

1 comment:

Mrs. Mullen said...

Well...mimi...I must say BRAVO on the posting!!!! I know Aud reallllly appreciated the updates!!

I miss Aud here...but I'm excited to see you all back home!!!
Hopefully, because of Auds persistance...we have some grand photos to scrapbook!! We even snatched a photo of a sea turtle!!

See you all soon!!!!