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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun in the snow!!

As expected it snowed here last night!! I was so excited last night when it started, and we showed Alexa but she had no idea what it was! I tried to take a picture last night, but I couldn't get my camera settings right...should probably read the manual because I know there is a setting for it...oh well! Anyway, I got up this morning, after a rough night with Alexa and the snow was EVERYWHERE!

I decided to stay home from work and have a scrap/work day! I am sitting at the kitchen table as we speak with the cricut out and I already finished cutting Alexa's little book. I only had a few cuts left for it, but now it's all put together except for the pictures and it needs binding.

I am excited to get some scrapping time today...I don't get very much between work, Alexa, school and housework! So this is a welcomed day off! I don't even know what all I'm going to work on today, but I know I have lots of cute paper to work with, and lots of pictures that need to be on a page!

On another note, Alexa is down for a nap right now...I know she has to be exhausted, she did not sleep well last night at all. I think she is teething, and last night her mouth must have really been hurting. We slept in a bit this morning and then got up and Pop fixed us breakfast. He put a pot of soup on last night, so that will be ready at lunch time...it's always nice to have hot soup when it's so cold outside! We took Alexa out in the snow this morning, she seemed to enjoy it for the minute we were out. I'm not sure she really knew what was going on, but she ran around anyway!

I'm going to get back to scrapping...but here are a few pictures from this morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the snow!

Alexa getting Pop a potato for the soup

giving the potato to Pop

The view from our front porch!

Alexa and Pop looking at the snow

Just taking it all in!

Look Mama!

walking up the driveway

My pretty baby's footprints in the snow

Alexa warming up in front of the fire after playing in the snow...you can't really see the fire in the picture b/c it's gas logs! LOL


Jodi said...

too cute! glad the little sweetie enjoyed the snow!

Autumn said...

I know me too!! Did you get to take Walker out yet?

Mimi said...

It was fun staying home yesterday - just wish we could have seen Walk-Walk too!

Joni said...

Alexa's snow suit is SO cute! How fun! And what a wonderful trip to Hawaii...wow! I'm so glad you got such a good break. Alexa is very cute and very happy!

Joni :)

Becky said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog! Your little girl is adorable.