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Friday, January 11, 2008

Endless Possibilities!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I never knew how much I loved embroidered baby clothes until I had Alexa. Several people gave me onesies and bibs that were monogrammed at her shower, and they were my absolute favorite things for her to wear. One of them was Jodi, and she gave me a set of three onesies with a different design on each. She has her own embroidery machine, and it is amazing! She monogrammed the A on Alexa's diaper bag, and more recently she put Alexa's name on her toddler bag. She also did the applique cupcakes for Alexa and Walker on their birthday outfits!!

Since I love everything Jodi has done for Alexa, I thought I would tell all of you in blogland that she does embroidery, and share some of the different pieces she has done with you. That way if you want something embroidered you know where to come! It's not only great to have something embroidered for your own children, it's a great gift as well. She can pretty much do anything, and she keeps onesies and things like that, but you can also provide the piece you would like monogrammed if you like. I know she has also done towels, sheets, and blankets! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

This is Alexa's toddler bag...her Mimi made it for her and then Aunt Jodi did her name

I absolutely love this burp cloth with the ribbon on the bottom

This adorable set includes a burp cloth, onesie, and matching bib!

the little tiger fits on ANYTHING...GO TIGERS!! :)

You are my sunshine :) The face of the sun is also applique

how cute it that!! :)

how cute for a little boy! Jodi swears there isn't as much cute boy stuff as girls!

I LOVE these burp cloths! Alexa had several of them, and they were my favorite...super absorbent, and so pretty at the same time!

I love this set too...I always loved Alexa to have on matching items!

and finally the teddy bear...how cute is that! The face on teddy is applique also


Jackie said...

How funny.....I was just telling Stephanie that I wanted to see if Jodi would embroider and make Perrins one year birthday outfit (for pay of course). Is she also in the business of making outfits?

Autumn said...

To my knowledge she hasn't made any outfits. Mama made the babies birthday outfits last year, and Jodi did an applique cupcake and embroidered their names on them. It turned out SUPER cute! I guess partly it would depend on what you are interested in.

Jackie said...

I remember now. I forgot your mom was the one that made the outfits and Jodi embroidered them. I loved the one that Jodi had for Walker. If Jodi is interested in making one like Walker's tell her to let me know. Jackie

Jodi said...

hey jackie...don't know that you would want me to sew one for Perrin, but I do know of a shop nearby that carries the little jon jons...I could always pick one up there and then monogram it like Walker's.

Jackie said...

That sounds good. Do you know how much they are? I guess I should wait till a little closer to his birthday and make sure of what size he will need. Are the solid colors? THanks for your help

Jodi said...

I'll try to check prices in the next couple of weeks...last time I looked they had a lot of gingham ones...not sure about solids...I'll find out.