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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back on solid ground

I am finally back on the mainland...but more importantly back with Alexa, and I can't tell you how much I have missed her! I am so glad to be back home with her; I can safely say it will be a long time before I leave her like this again. I had a great time with Lindsey and Sev, but it was almost too much for this mama!

Yesterday we got up, got ready, and set out on an island adventure. We started at North Shore with lunch at Kono's. Lindsey and I have been by there several times this trip and last time as well, but they are only open for breakfast and lunch and we were never there at the right time. Since this was my last trip for a while, and she is getting ready to come home we decided to squeeze it in. We all tried different things, and were all pleased with what we got. After that we headed around the island. Lindsey wanted me to see everything, and we had a few last things we wanted to do. We drove around stopping here and there for pictures...and other things.

We stopped at Leonard's for a hot malasada, which is a Hawaiian doughnut. Oh, and a correction from an earlier post...we went to Ted's Bakery for chocolate haupia pie...Lindsey told me haupia was Hawaiian for coconut, and she wasn't around when I was posting so I just put coconut instead of spelling it wrong and she fussed at me later...LOL! We actually stopped at Ted's again first, but since I had already been there I wanted to try something different.

Then we went to the Macadamia Nut farm where we got to sample some different varieties, and Lindsey and I picked out a Christmas ornament to use in the future on our trees. We also got some scrapbook embellishments made out of coconut shell to use while scrapping our Hawaii pics. As you know if you read Lindsey's post I am all about taking pictures, and she was less than cooperative. I still managed to get some good ones and I am super excited about getting to scrap them. Jodi informed me that the craft room is up and running and I am itching to go see it!!

After that we continued around the island just taking in all of the sights. Then Lindsey and I went shopping one last time before going to dinner with a friend of hers and then she dropped me off at the airport. I had such a good time, but I am definitely glad I'm home. I'm not so much looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but oh well, that's just life!! :) I'm glad I have a job to go back to!!

Lindsey, here are some of our final pics together, and then some of Alexa Lynn.

Us being tourists...LOL

We finally got to see a sea turtle...unfortunately not while we were snorkeling so I didn't get to swim with one

The jumping rock

The view of the Bay

Us by the coast

Me making Alexa's Hawaiian Tiger at Hanai Bears

Naming her new friend

Alexa waiting on mama at the airport

Our reunion...I know I look rough, and I was crying when I saw my sweet baby...I MISSED HER!

Alexa in her hat tonight sitting in Mimi's lap!


Mrs. Mullen said...

awwwwww how sweet is that reunion pic!!!!

miss you here but I know youre excited to be back with lexabug!!

Jackie said...

Ok I must be in a crying mood today, this is the 2nd blog I have teared up on. Jackie

Haley said...

thank you for sharing your trip with us, I have loved reading it everyday!!

Autumn said...

Lou Lou...you will be home soon and then you will get to see her too!! I miss you already! :) I had fun talking to you last night!! :)

Jackie if it makes you feel any better mama and I were talking about it this morning on our way to work and I teared up again just thinking about it!!

You're welcome Haley...I really enjoy reading your blog too! :)

The Dale's said...

Oh I know you are so glad to be back with your little girl! I am glad you had fun with Linds and Sev! Can't wait to see those 2!