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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alexa's Mama is in Hawaii - day two

We've made it through day two of Alexa's Mama being in Hawaii without any major mishaps of shake ups here at home! Alexa had a good night last night which of course means MiMi and Pop had a good night too. Then MiMi and Alexa carried through with the plan this morning for MiMi to get ready for work before waking Alexa up. Of course, it helped that MiMi had breakfast of milk and oatmeal ready and waiting on the sleepy and hungry girl.

After getting home this evening Uncle Jerry came over and brought a yummy supper of Chinese food which everyone enjoyed, especially Alexa as she devoured the chicken, broccoli and baby corn that Jerry kept adding to her plate. But, when she's done she's done and tonight she took a page out of Walker's book by starting to drop food, actually push food off her highchair tray, on to the floor when she had enough. Later she helped MiMi clean it up, though, so all is good.

After supper came bath time with the momma duck & 2 baby ducks she got for Christmas!

Then it was on to playing in the den and fighting Gabe, the cat, for her big stuffed duck and with some very good effort on her part Alexa won, at least for the moment. It continues to amaze me how loving Gabe is to Alexa, especially since he was never around children much before the arrival of Alexa and Walker - but he doesn't seem to mind them invading his territory at all!

Alexa and Jerry shared some popcorn tonight and for once she didn't get more than her fair share, in fact, she didn't seem too hungry at all and she and Jerry both gave up before they finished the bowl.

Thanks to Jerry both for supper and for helping out with Alexa patrol so MiMi could work on another quilt square while Pop was at Prayer Meeting and then the Pastor search committee meeting he goes to every Wednesday night. Please pray for our Pastor search committee as they continue to seek God's will for our church.

During the sewing and pressing of the quilt square MiMi missed Autumn's call to tell Alexa good night but Autumn called back and told Alexa how much she loves and misses her! Alexa was all ears for her Mama's voice!

About 9 pm we got some milk ready and Uncle Jerry held Alexa while she drank it down, but, when it was finished she wanted her MiMi to rock her for just a little while before going to bed. Then after a good night kiss to Jerry & Pop MiMi tucked her in and said a little prayer for both Alexa and Walker.

So, we're well in to night number two, hope it's as good as night number one!

We hope you're having a good time with Lindsey & Sev and enjoying the warm weather of Hawaii, Autumn. We'll update you again tomorrow!

Alexa, MiMi and Pop

Alexa fighting Gabe for the duck - we only caught a glimpse of his tail as he jumped to safety as she was pulling the duck out from under him. MiMi's not quite fast enough with the camera :)

Alexa "riding" the duck while Gabe watches.

Uncle Jerry helping Alexa with her milk right after she finished her bath. Her green sleeper keeps her toasty warm!


Autumn said...

Oh I love the pictures...especially the one of her riding the duck. That is so funny! I can't wait to get home and hug my baby bug!! I miss her so much. We are having a good time...did a little shopping today, but didn't buy too much!! :) Glad I got to talk to Nan for a while before she headed off to bed. I love the green sleeper...so cute! Oh, and I'm super proud that you have not only posted twice, but that they both include GREAT pics! GO MIMI!!!!! LOVE YOU!

Jackie said...

You are a great MiMi! I hope you have wonderful and restful nights. It's great you have Uncle Jerry to help out with Ms. Alexa. I bet he loves her to death like he did Jodi, Josh and Autumn. Please let me know what I owe for the hand creams, I will drop a check in the mail. Take care, Jackie

Jodi said...

I'm impressed MiMi! Glad to hear that all continues to go well at your house...I told Walk Walk last night that we need to make sure and see lexa-pie this weekend! Love you all!

Rick said...

Nice photos. I want to go to Hawaii too!

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