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Monday, January 7, 2008

Our night on the town!

Yesterday we had a BLAST!! We started our day by renting a pontoon boat and heading out on the ocean. The weather wasn't what we had hoped for, but we still had a little bit of sun. We saw a few sea turtles and some fish, but mostly just coral. I was actually surprised when we got home to see I got more sun than I had expected.
After we finished on the boat, we headed home to get ready for our night out. Lindsey wanted me to experience Honolulu night life...so we headed downtown. We started our night with dinner at PF Changs. If you haven't experienced their lettuce wraps then you need to try them! We had a bunch of different food, and it was all awesome. I am so glad we have on in Greenville so I can go when I get home! :)
Next we started walking downtown. Sev warned me that we would be doing lots of walking and that I might want to rethink my heals...he has no idea!! :) Men are so silly...LOL...we did do quite a bit of walking, but my feet never bothered me a bit, just as I had suspected. It was sweet of him to let me know though. We went several different places before meeting up with some other friends of theirs at Nashvilles. We spent the rest of the night there, and had a blast. I didn't know how to two-step when I got there, but I do now. LOL!
I wish we were going to have time to go out again because we had such a good time! I told Linds today that I'm starting to feel sad about leaving, tomorrow is my last full day on the island. I have had so much fun being here with Linds and Sev, but I am really missing my Lexapie, and I can't wait to get back home to her.
Hopefully if everything works out tomorrow we will get to snorkel...and if not it will be nice just to hang out with Linds. I can't wait for Linds and Sev to come home so we can hang out more often! Today we were basically lazy all day...we were out pretty late, so it was nice to sleep late, and have a nap this afternoon. Then tonight Matt and Val came over for a dinner of appetizers. I helped Linds cook some of it, but for the most part she did it all by herself. Everything turned out great!
Well, it won't be long before I'm home with my sweet baby again...and I can't wait! Here are two pictures of us from last night!
Linds and me out downtown!

Us just being us!! :)


Mimi said...

So glad you had fun and your feet didn't hurt! Also glad you got a nap cause you're going to need all the rest you've gotten when you get back because MiMi will getting a much needed break from baby duty :) lol! Love you!

mom said...

what beautiful girls. ooh la la!!!!
Hee Hee.
Glad you two are having fun. Love and miss you all.
Hope you two will get to go snorkeling. I love seeing those beautiful fish.
Love ya,