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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fish Tacos

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Lindsey and I decided to hike Diamond Head. She had already told me that it was for the views from the top, not for the scenery along the way...well, she was right! I was super proud of us because we hiked to the top and back in under an hour!!

Before we hiked Diamond head we went to Duke's for some fish tacos. Lindsey had told me how good they were, so I thought I would try them. She was right, they were pretty yummy!! :) She got the buffet there and I sampled a piece of pork prepared the local way. It was also pretty good. We were both in agreement that by the time we got back to the car after the hike that our lunch was gone. So, we came back to the apartment and picked up Sev because he had to go to class, and we headed to base. After we dropped him off we headed back to North Shore to get an icee at Matsumoto. The icee was good too, but way too big for me!

Since we were already on that side of the island we decided to try out a shrimp truck for dinner. There are several, so we stopped at Macky's...it was featured on $40 a day with Rachel Ray. The shrimp was really good, but after eating almost all of my icee I was pretty full. We brought the rest of our shrimp home...I'll probably have some tomorrow! :) After we had our shrimp we came home and got ready to go out. We met Sev and some of his friends at the bowling alley. We bowled 3 games and had a great time.

Then this morning after Sev's class we all went out on a boat. We had reserved a ski boat, but they are STILL down, so we got a pontoon instead. Although the weather was a little iffy, it was still just fun to hang out. We did finally get in the water, and although it was cold, it was still fun to look at all the coral. I have to say, however, that my feet are torn up because of it. I didn't get any good pictures while we were on the boat today, but I have some good ones from yesterday at diamond head and last night bowling.

We are going out in downtown tonight...they tell me it's quite an experience. I am really looking forward to it, mainly because I've never been out in a big city before. I'm used to Spartanburg and Greenville where it's pretty small...compared to Honolulu! Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post tomorrow.
Oh, and tomorrow we are hoping to go kayaking, and last time they went Linds and Sev got some really good pictures, so I hope that will turn out to be successful as well. I've never been before, but until yesterday I had never had fish tacos or hiked Diamond head either, and both of those were great!! :)

Enjoy the pictures...I hope I will have some great ones to post tomorrow too!! :)

Linds and me at Duke's...the look on her face says it all! She was sick of me talking about pictures!! :)

The view of the crater from the top of Diamond Head

The lighthouse below Diamond Head...isn't the water just beautiful!!

Another view of the crater from the top...that's where we parked to start the hike.

The coastline from the top Linds and me with the water behind us

The view of Waikiki beach from the top of Diamond head...you can see Lindsey's apartment building and Duke's where we ate lunch

Once again...Lindsey's true self coming out...it's so hard to get a good pic!! LOL Just kidding...love ya Linds!

The better picture of us at the bowling alley


Mimi said...

Okay - I'm pretty sure this post wasn't here last night when I did the day 5 post....weird!
Sounds like all of you had a great day, I'm so glad. All here is well. Can't wait to see Linds and Sev in person when they get back in this neck of the woods. Shhh....the little one is sleeping right now and so is Pop! No surprise for a Sunday afternoon!Love you!

Mimi said...

PS - the pics are great, too!

Autumn said...

Yeah...it does it based on the time you start, so I started it at 9 something...and then I quit typing and when I went back to my draft I could see where you had started yours. Love you!!! I'll be home soon!!!!!!