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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Silly Girl!

Here are some pictures of Alexa from last night...she is really silly!

She enjoyed crawling into her rocking chair and reading a book

Here she is getting back in because she threw the book down

and back in reading again...

...and looking at the book on the floor. Like she didn't know how it got here!! :)

and reading some more! LOL

Then she took the book to her kitchen

and put it in the oven

Looking at the cat...she was probaby wanting him to come play with her

Dragging around a bag with diapers in it...Mama's Baptist Women's group collected them for something and this is one of the bags...Alexa thought it would be fun to move them and the cricut box around the den all night.

Then she dumped them out on the floor and brought the bag to Pop to show him it was empty!

Giggling as she pulled the bag away! She is so silly!


Haley said...

She's so cute, with so much personality! :)

Delighted said...

Kids don't need toys! They just love STUFF! Haha.

Autumn said...

Tell me about it Mer, she carries that cricut box around like it's something special! LOL! I don't want to get rid of it because she seems to get so much enjoyment out of it. Silly girl!

mom said...

Alexa is a cutie pie. I really love seeing the pictures of her. I also enjoyed the visit last Sunday. Please bring her again real soon.