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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alexa's Mama is in Hawaii - day three

Day three has gone well. Mimi and Alexa made it to daycare and work on time and later returned home to a yummy pot of home made soup (thanks to Pop) and a great surprise of Grandpa & Grace, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jodi & Uncle Brad and of course Alexa's favorite cousin Walker coming to eat supper with us. After supper the babies played and played! They are both such sweet babies and it's obvious they love being together. They both had a good time playing the piano but you'll have to go to Aunt Jodi's blog, Backporch Reflections, to see those.

It was good to see everyone and Pop's soup was just the right supper for such a cold night! Thanks Pop for making the soup!!

Soon it was time to tell everyone good bye as they headed home for the night.

Alexa talked to Mama, well really mostly listened to Mama, and polished off her sippy cup of milk before falling asleep rocking in MiMi's lap.

Good night Alexa. Good night Autumn. Good night Lindsey & Sev. Good night Grandpa and Grace. Good night Aunt Jodi, Uncle Brad and Walker. Good night Uncle Jerry. Good night Pop. Good night Mimi. (I almost said "Good night, John Boy :) for those of you old enough to remember "The Waltons")

We wish everyone a good night!


Mimi, Alexa & Pop

Alexa getting help trying on MiMi's gloves.

Don't you think they fit good?

I really can do it myself!

Walker thinks MiMi needs some help cleaning out her Magazine basket!

Alexa and Walker both enjoy Grace reading to them.

Have you ever seen such a cute tiger? Yes, we're still fans, even after the loss in the Chic-fil-A Bowl!

1 comment:

Autumn said...

They are both so totally PRECIOUS! I'm glad Walker got to come see Lexabean tonight...and Jodi and Brad too! :) I am so proud of Mimi for posting pictures every day so far...WAY TO GO MIMI!! :)

I love you all...we are getting ready to go to dinner and will try to post some pictures when I get back.