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Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 3 in Hawaii

So far my time here has been very enjoyable...and very relaxing. The last several months have been kind of rough on me, so I am super glad for a break. I really miss Alexa, but I know she is being well taken care of. I have to say how super proud I am of Mimi for posting every day so far...and not only that, but for posting pictures every day! We finally took some pictures here today, and I'll get to those in a minute.

My first day here was a bit of a challenge for me...just because the flight was so long, and I got kind of sick. After I landed we came back to the apartment and I freshened up and we went to Matt and Val's apartment for dinner. I stayed up as late as possible to try and get my body on Hawaii time, but I still managed to wake up at 7 the next morning.

Then yesterday we went to Ala Moana...one of the most awesome malls ever! I love it because it's open air, so that in and of itself just makes it awesome...but then when you add all the designer stores it completes the package. I did much better than last time!! Although we did stop in a few of the designer stores...and I have to admit I really wanted the Burberry raincoat that was on sale, all I bought was some shampoo and conditioner at Aveda, and 3 shirts that were on sale at Gap. Lindsey also got some winter clothing for their upcoming trip to Montana. After we went into seemingly every store there it was time to come home. I was basically exhausted, so we decided to call it a night and just have grilled cheese and tomato soup at home.

Then today we went to the outlet malls...again, lots of tempting designers...I found a Coach purse on a really good sale and I almost bought it, but then I decided not to. I got a really cute skirt at Armani, a pair of jeans at Banana, and a shirt at Charlotte Russe. Everything was on a super sale!! :) Then we rode up to North Shore. We stopped to see the sea turtles, but they were not cooperating, so we drove on up to Ted's Bakery to get a piece of chocolate coconut pie...Lindsey said it's the best! After tasting it...it's ok, but nothing to write home about...LOL! Then we headed back to the apartment. Our original plan was to eat at the shrimp trucks, but due to the drizzle we decided that maybe wasn't such a good idea. We talked to a friend about meeting for dinner, but after several obstacles we decided tonight just didn't work. So, we are supposed to go out downtown tomorrow night. I am really excited about it!! :)

On a sad note...we found out today that we are going to be short a vehicle for the rest of my stay. :( Lindsey and Sev's friend JD was waiting to have his car shipped home to Oregon so we were using it until the 7th. Well, when his wife called to check on it today she found out they could have it shipped sooner so Lindsey and Sev just left a little while ago to take it to his brother. They are shipping it tomorrow. Not a big deal though, we will work something out!!

Unfortunatley due to the weather I didn't get a bunch of great pictures today, but I did get a few.

This is Linds and Sev at Matt and Val's house...we had a great time and Matt made some AWESOME food!

This is us today...trying to take a picture and in true Lindsey fashion she had to be funny for the first one. I of course didn't realize she was doing it until I saw the preview...and then I was like AAAHHHH LINDSEY!!! Then we both just busted out laughing...LOL!

This was the final one we decided on...we both liked or at least were so sick of taking pictures that we agreed this one was ok. We really need to hire someone to just follow us around and take pictures!! :)

This was the view where we stopped to look for sea turtles...unfortunately we didn't see any, but the rainbow we had been watching for several miles was just so pretty with the island scene in front of it.

Here is another view of the rainbow...like I said, we watched it for miles, but I couldn't get a good picture of it from the car.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures...and hopefully the weather will be better the next time we get to go exploring and I will get some better pictures!!


Mimi said...

Glad you're having a good time! The rainbow is beautiful, sorry you didn't see any sea turtles - maybe another day.
Love, Mama

Delighted* said...

ohhh, the shrimp trucks...... YUM!