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Friday, January 4, 2008

Alexa's Mama is in Hawaii - day four

We've had another good day but it followed a tough night.

MiMi doesn't know what bothered the little one's sleep but she was up at 10:30 last night and after several trys at putting her back down without success MiMi finally let her cry herself to sleep - it took all of 2 minutes. But then she was back up at 5 minutes past midnight. Now, for a MiMi that had to be up at 6ish to get ready for work this morning that was really tough. After trying to get her down a couple of times MiMi succumbed to giving Alexa the paci for the night. Sure enough that calmed her right down and she was back to sleep and tucked in by 12:30. Man, 6:15 came really quickly for MiMi. We were still able to get ready and leave for work on time!!

Tonight we ate supper with Grandpa & Grace at Bo's Restaurant in Inman. As usual, Alexa didn't find much she didn't like - oh wait - I should say Alexa didn't find anything she didn't like!! She ate chicken stew, sweet potato, cole slaw, hush puppies and towards the end of supper she began dipping her hush puppies in the chicken stew - how hysterical! Unfortunately MiMi didn't think to take the camera with us so no cute pictures tonight! :(

Today when I picked Alexa up from daycare Miss Andy proudly told me Alexa said her name! Alexa said it for us a couple of times tonight and then said "Grace" at supper. And there was one more new word tonight - she told Gabe (the cat) "night night" before she went to bed!

Speaking of bed, Pop and MiMi are hopeful she'll sleep all night and therefore we'll sleep all night!

We were excited to hear Mama and Linds got to hike Diamond Head today! Sounds like great fun! Alexa sends her love to Mama in Hawaii!

Alexa, MiMi and Pop

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