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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Alexa's Mama is in Hawaii - day five

We're half way there! And for the most part Alexa has done really well. That's not to say she doesn't miss her Mama as evidenced by her questioning where Mama is several times during the day but she continues on with her routines without problems.
Today Alexa spent the morning and early afternoon with her Great Aunt Sylvia while MiMi helped with moving Grandpa & Grace. Alexa loves to go for stroller rides so even though it was 43 degrees when they started out they braved the cold this morning and went for a ride! Alexa and "Sibby" were both bundled up and Alexa enjoyed riding and being outside.
After a two hour nap MiMi and Pop picked Alexa up and we headed home for play time and to get ready for a supper of left over home made soup. Grandpa and Grace came and ate with us and Jerry came over later officially to take care of Alexa so MiMi could get some things done but we all know the truth - he's crazy about Alexa and Walker and sees them whenever he gets the chance.
Mama called Alexa before bedtime and now she's off to bed and sleeping soundly! Good night Mama, we're glad you were having a good time with Lindsey & Sev out on the pontoon boat enjoying the water and getting some sun. Have fun tonight downtown!
We all love you!
Alexa, Mimi and Pop
Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!
Alexa has taken over Pop's chair and remote control!

Pop's made it back into his chair and Alexa is sharing his cake.

Alexa "washing" off the ink marks she made on her hands with Jerry's marker. Notice she's at her kitchen sink! Jerry told her to wash her hands and she went straight to the sink.

1 comment:

Autumn said...

OH, she is just the cutest little thing! I love her so much. It was great to talk to her yesterday...she wasn't as talkative today, but she did say hello! I can't wait to see her when I get home!! :) Love you all!