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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Ladybug, the Dinosaur, and other random stuff

I finally got the computer to accept pictures today, so I can actually post them. I did slideshows because there were so many I wanted to post, and it would've been way too long! :) Some of them may be a bit old (2 weeks in baby time seems old!) but I wanted to post them anyway because they are just too cute!

We went to Trunk or Treat last night, I hope everyone had a great time...I know the ladybug and the dinosaur did! Jodi and Brad brought Walker over and Brad's mom got to come too. Josh and Brenda also made the trip, and then the usual crowd was there...Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Jerry. Alexa and Walker both had the best time running all over the place...neither one was at all concerned with candy! I think it's a bit early for the concept! :) Oh well, maybe next year, although I'm not trying to encourage eating candy!

The first slideshow is from 2 weekends ago when we took them to Niven's Apple Farm. They both had a great time! Alexa loved the pumpkin and carried a little one around most of the time...of course we bought it for her! Walker on the other hand was more concerned with the steps he found...lol...and then the wheelbarrow ride was fun too.

Then the last slideshow is just basically random pictures, but I have been wanting to post them for a while, so I decided to encorporate them all into one post.

I hope you all have a great weekend in case I don't get to post again. I'm going for my root canal today at 2:30 so say a quick prayer for me that it's not too painful! Enjoy the pictures!!

**HINT** if you click on the slideshows the pictures have captions!


Mimi said...

They have to be the cutest ladybug and dinosaur ever!! Of course, a Mimi is a little partial, but she's supposed to be, isn't she?? Love, Mimi

Mrs. Mullen said...

I'll agree with mimi on the ladybug part!! I should probably think perrin the chili pepper was the cutest little boy though...hehehe...although that dinosaur sure is a cutie too!!!

Miss you girlies!!

Mimi said...

I'm so sad Alexa is sick right now...but since she seemed to be feeling okay this morning I'm going to say it was either a very short lived virus or drainage in her tummy from her cold. I hope the cold and rattly chest are gone soon and she doesn't have too many to share this winter season! Love, Mimi

mom said...

What a beatiful child you have Autumn. I know she is the joy of your life. I really love the ladybug costume. Walker is very precious too.They look sooooo cute togethter. You need to bring them both to see me before they are grown. Thank you for sharing those precious pictures with me.
Love you,

Autumn said...

They were both so cute Lou Lou...I can't wait to see the pictures of Perrin as the chili pepper too!

Mimi, I'm sad about last night too...I was glad she slept well and seemed to feel ok this morning! I hope you have fun this weekend and we have a happy little girl who is feeling better when you get back!

Thanks Anne! They are both so cute and sweet...it's so much fun to watch as their personalities develop! Next time they are both at the house maybe we can come see you!