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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yesterday after spending some time with Anthony and his family I went with mama to Greenville to get her hair done. We had a great time visiting with Matt! On our way home my eye really started bothering me.

Earlier in the day Gabe (the cat) jumped up in my lap, and typically if I touch him it makes my allergies flare up. I try to be really careful and if I do touch him I wash my hands immediately. I honestly can't remember if I did yesterday or not...but I digress.

I really thought my eye was bothering me because of the cat so I didn't think much of it. After we got back from Greenville Anthony and I went to Spartanburg to take the camera back and to buy a Cuttlebug. Michael's had a 50% off coupon and with my gift card that meant it wasn't going to cost me much so I decided to get one. We went to Best Buy first, and then to Michael's. Due to the fact that I went through so many sale papers on Thursday night to figure out what our game plan was going to be, I didn't realize the 50% off coupon wasn't good until noon today.

So, we left there and went to Wild Wing and ate...the whole time my eye kept getting worse and worse. By the time we got in the car to come home it was really swollen and irritated. We came home and I took some benadryl and ibuprofen and went to sleep...hoping it would be all better in the morning. No such luck!

This morning my eye was matted and swollen shut. It also looked awful. I got to spend my morning at Doctor's Care getting a prescription. The doctor said it's the worse case of pink eye he has ever seen! He gave me drops, ointment, and pills. I really do look AWFUL! Hopefully it will be much better in the morning, but who knows.

It certainly wasn't my ideal Saturday...but I can be thankful that it wasn't any worse and that overall I'm in good health.


Mrs. Mullen said...

Good grief child...if youre going to go carrying diseases around how bout' you stay away from my Goddaughter!! lol...sorry your eye is buggin' ya!! MISS YOU!!!!

Autumn said...

Oh you hush!! :) So far she is showing no signs of pink eye...and we're still not sure how I ended up with it. Oh well, life goes on. It's feeling much better today than it was yesterday! MWAH!