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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today's Word of Encouragement

As reflected by the previous post I am on a mission to live a healthier life. I am combining my efforts to eat better, drink more water, and exercise. Once again this morning I took a nice brisk walk with a co-worker, and it was rather nice! I feel so much better already! At this point I think it's more psychological than physical, but I know that is soon to follow.

I want to encourage all of you in blog land to get some form of exercise today, no matter what kind you get, any is better than none! I am going to continue to walk during our morning and afternoon breaks...and I have promised Damaris that I will start walking at lunch in 2 weeks. I want to give myself time to work up to that!

I have to say I'm so excited that I'm actually following through with my lifestyle change (for once!) and I am extremely happy with it! I hope you will all get outside today and take in the beautiful day that God has given us while getting some exercise too!

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