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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Office Fridge

When you work in an office of any size and you have a break room you share with lots of co-workers, it can be a problem. I'm sure many of you who work in offices know exactly what I'm talking about. For the most part the fridge isn't an issue for me, because I try to stay out of the office drama!

Well, there is one thing that has been driving me crazy!! As it is getting colder I like to drink coffee in the morning, it warms me up (because this office is always FREEZING!). I also love the different flavored cream they have for coffee...especially right now with all the holiday varieties! As with most things, I don't mind sharing...but there is a catch. Number one, it's polite to ask someone before you share. Number two, if you are going to help yourself please clean up any mess you might make.

Whoever has been helping themselves to my cream ends up with it all over the bottle, and it makes a sticky mess! It's driving me crazy! I know, I shouldn't let little stuff like this bother me, but it really does. This morning when I fixed my coffee I cleaned it up again...and I'm sure when I get some tomorrow morning it will be the same way! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

OK, I'm done with my rant now!


Jackie said...

I certainly know what ya mean. What I hate is when people bring food from home (leftovers) and leave them in the fridge until it is so covered in mold you can't tell what it is. Then a month later when they haven't cleaned it, and I am tired of seeing it in the fridge, I throw the whole thing away, container and all. I am not cleaning that nasty thing. I wonder if this same people leave their fridge at home like they do at school? DHEC will condem us if they see the fridge. ha ha ha

Autumn said...

That drives me crazy too! We don't have as much trouble with that because we clean the fridge out every Friday. Some people are nice about it and will leave stuff in there when they know it's way past the date...I'm with you. THROW IT AWAY!! :)