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Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Over!!

I am so glad it's over! After an hour and a half of unnerving testimony and questioning it is finally over. I guess you could say I won. I didn't get my whole deposit back, but I am getting part of it, and I don't have to pay any additional damages!! YEAH! God is so good!! I am very thankful to get even part of it back, but more thankful that I'm not having to pay any money for the damages that I didn't do! Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts while I was in court today.


Mrs. Mullen said...

Hey chicky I'm glad everything turned out great for you!!!

Happy Halloween...sure wish I could see lex all dressed up!! Post pictures okay!!!

love you both!!

Mrs. Mullen said...

ps. I soooo think she should have been a butterbean for halloween!!

Autumn said...

Thanks!! :)

We miss you guys, and wish you were here too! I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. I've been having trouble with the laptop I use for pictures, and the other laptop won't recognize my camera so it's been a little difficult!

They don't have a butterbean costume...and I'm not sure I would want her in it if they did, it would probably be an ugly green color. LOL!

love you too!

Mrs. Mullen said...

It would be green if it were a LIMA BEAN costume...butterbeans are Tan!! goober...and I disagree...she would be the cutest little butterbean ever!!

Autumn said...

Ok, tan or green...it would just look like baby poop! I'm sorry, but nothing about that would be cute. LOL! I'm sure you will love her costume!

Alexa said...

Both of you are crazy....I made a great ladybug....(I'm also trying to type with my toes :) but Mimi is helping me with her fingers!) Alexa

Autumn said...

Yes, you were the cutest ladybug in the whole wide world Alexa Lynn...tell Auntie Lou Lou she is a nut! :) Mommy loves you so much, can't wait to see you when I get home!