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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I wonder...

I often find myself thinking about Alexa and what she will be like as she gets older. I love the little personality she is forming, even when she tells me no or shakes her head it's really cute. It's also super hard not to laugh at her when she is doing something she shouldn't do. I love her more and more every day, and it breaks my heart when she does something she shouldn't do and she gets in trouble.

It is truly a feeling you can only understand once you have a child. I only want the best for her, and hopefully she will be able to learn from some of the mistakes I have made.

As I sit here I think back on some of the things I've done, and what pain it must have caused my parents. It certainly wasn't my intention, but it's so hard to see that until you're on this side of it. I'm sure there are going to be many times in the future when it's that way with Alexa, I hope I will do as good a job of handling those situations as my parents have.

I see so much of her in myself...when she grins and giggles at me when I say no. It's so something I would've done! Probably still do. I hope she has some of my good qualities too.

I am so thankful that I serve a God of second chances! I am also thankful that He gave me wonderful Godly earthly parents who have given me more second chances than I can count! I don't deserve any of them, but that's how amazing He is. As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday that is what I'm thankful for this year...second chances! We all need them, and don't deserve them, but He gives them to us anyway. What an AWESOME God!

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