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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Scrapbook Pages

My three most recent scrapbook pages...I've been so busy lately that I have all these great pictures and no time to get them on paper. I finally got back in business last weekend and these are the results. Linds let me know what you think. You should be super proud of me that my book is coming along so nicely...in fact it's almost full!! :) Can't wait to start the next one!!

This is the pumpkin patch spread...all of the pictures were taken at Niven's Apple Farm. I know we will be going back next year, it was a blast! Both of the big pumpkins were cut with the cricut, as well as the stacked pumpkin man which is one piece 10" long, and then "Punkins" spelled out on top of the pumpkin. There are little circle letters on top of the pumpkin man...but those were punch outs. All in all I was very pleased with how it turned out.

This two page layout is of Alexa and Uncle Jerry. I'm not sure which one loves the other one more...but you can tell by the look on both of their faces when the other walks in the room. They just light up! It's so sweet! The cricut did all of the hearts, and tags on this page along with the letters. Then on the second page the different circle, the heart, and the balloons. The present was also done on the cricut...using two different layers of it, I have a bunch more presents and balloons cut out for her birthday spread! I hope I'm going to get to work on that this weekend. Let me know what you think!


mom said...

I love the books. It looks like you are very creative. Wish I was a bit more. Maybe you can help me start scrapbooking in the future. I think it is a neat way to capture memories. Keep those sweet pictures coming as this is the only way I get to see Alexa. Sad,Sad, Sad.

Autumn said...

Thanks Anne, I'm glad you like them! I have different visions for each of my pages, and sometimes it takes me longer to get a vision. LOL! I would be happy to help you get started...I'm sure you don't need any help though, it's really not that hard!! I'll try to bring Lex by sometime so you can see her in person. Take care!