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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Recent Fascination

Alexa is almost 14 months old, and she has been the best baby any mother could ask for. She rarely cried as a baby, and slept very well. A few months ago we graduated from crying herself to sleep to lying down awake and going to sleep on her own with no fuss. To me, this was almost better than sleeping through the night. I honestly have no complaints, but something has been happening recently and it’s really made me wonder.

Alexa was exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, and 3 days! On Walker’s 6 month birthday we had a rice cereal party and gave both babies their first taste of real food. As you can tell from this picture, Alexa was all about it! For a few weeks before that time they had both started really eyeballing anyone with food around them, and always followed the fork from your plate to your mouth. It was very tempting to start them on solids earlier, but with the risk of food allergies, we made the decision that it was best to wait until 6 months. After that we were off and running, they both are great eaters! Alexa continued to nurse in the morning and at night, and took bottles 3 bottles of breast milk to daycare with her. For those of you who have pumped, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. At the end I was pumping 6 times a day and not even getting enough for the next day…I made up the extra on the weekends. As a result I was very anxious for her first birthday!! Not because I am ready for her to grow up, but because that meant she could have cow’s milk!! What a wonderful day, when I didn’t have to carry that heavy pump to work with me EVER AGAIN!

I decided that I would let Alexa continue to nurse in the morning and at night until she was ready to wean herself, or until my supply dried up. This arrangement has been working rather well, I enjoy the time we get to spend together, mostly because any other time she doesn’t want to sit still. Actually, even then she doesn’t sit still, she squirms all over me and changes positions multiple times during the event. It’s pretty hysterical to watch!

About a week or so ago, she started wanting to nurse more frequently, which I thought was strange. It really made me wonder if she can tell my supply is getting ready to dry up and therefore wanted to make it last a little bit longer. I’m really not sure, but now she has started pulling at the neck of my shirt anytime I pick her up. She pulls on it and says “uuhhh!! uuhhh!!” like mama, give me some yum yums! She does it all the time, regardless of where we are, what we are doing, or when she has eaten last. I don’t know what to do about it, don’t know how to stop it or even have any thoughts on the matter, except that it’s driving me crazy!

I’m sure she isn’t the first child to do this…I think part of it may be that she has finally realized that is where her milk is coming from, and that they are still there even when mommy has a shirt on! I just don’t know where this sudden fascination with nursing has come from.

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