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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thirteen words Alexa can say

  1. Mama - she usually says this when I'm not around, I think it's because she misses her mama...and when she gets started she repeats it constantly! LOL Sometimes she does actually say it to me
  2. Dada - she runs up to Anthony anytime he comes over and says it
  3. Hey - she says hey really quick
  4. Hi - she makes me laugh in the morning, if she is in a good mood she will take her paci out and smile up at me and say hi...well it's more like hiiii!
  5. Bye bye - she says this all the time...but usually not when I want her to! Sometimes she tells me bye bye when neither one of us is going anywhere...maybe she wishes one of us was! :)
  6. No - not only does she say no, but she shakes her head no...and if she is doing something she knows she isn't supposed to she will say no, no...no, no...but shaking her head is super funny. I'll try to give her a bite of food and she will close her mouth and shake her head like "yeah right lady, I'm done with the chicken!"
  7. Please - of course there is no L in her version, but we are working with her so instead of pointing and going uuhh!! she now says "peeaase"
  8. Thank you - this one is a little slurred as well, and sometimes it's more clear than others...I'm still working on it though
  9. Duck - she has a rubber duckie, so we talk about the duck when she is in the tub
  10. Gabe - is our cat...and he is SOOOOOOOOOO nice to her!! She tries to hug him and give him kisses and "pet" (which really means pull out) his fur. She knows his name though
  11. Dog - she also calls Gabe "dog"...I'm working on that one too! She usually points to him and says dog...and then tries to catch him as he frantically looks for a hiding place. She also tries to back up and sit down on top of him! We got a picture of her giving him a hug this morning. I'll try to post it if I can get the camera hooked up to the computer.
  12. Mimi - I think this is her most recent addition to her vocab...and I know Mimi is just super excited! :) Of course that's who she runs to when mommy says NO!
  13. Pop pop - We want her to call my daddy Pop, but she usually repeats it...which she does with most things. Nobody minds though, because it's still super cute! She loves her Pop pop!


Anonymous said...

And it looks like he loves her too, that is a cute picture of the two of them together. Jackie

Mimi said...

Yes, Mimi just loves to hear Alexa say "Mimi"!! Question - what's making Alexa's mouth (in the picture)look like she just had pink candy? And I promise, Mimi didn't slip her any contraband! Love! Mimi

Autumn said...

Thanks Jackie...he would not be happy if he knew it was on here...hehehe! :)

I think it's just the reflection of her pink shirt on her two little teeth...or it could just be that everything in the picture from her clothes to her lips and tongue are all pink! She is just too cute! :)

Delighted* said...

I don't know if my Mom is referring to Alexa's dad or not, but if so, that is exactly what I've been thinking. It is a really, really precious picture of the two of them.