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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I had a hard time thinking of something different to do for Thursday Thirteen, but I just couldn't come up with anything...so I'm going to post 13 pics of Alexa!
Alexa the day she was born...my Grandpa spoke to her and she smiled at him!

Alexa's Halloween outfit last year...she was so cute!

Alexa in her Clemson outfit last winter, she loves her Tigers!

Happy girl opening her Easter present from Aunt Sibby

Sleeping in Pop's arms

Having a little snack

Smiling at my mommy

I love my hats!

I'm a silly girl!

Eating breakfast Sunday morning before church with Pop

Happy Birthday Girl!

Alexa playing with her pumpkin

Talking to Elmo on the great phone Uncle Josh and Aunt Brenda gave her for her birthday


Mimi said...

I love seeing the pictures progressing from the day of Alexa's birth until just recently. So glad you girls are doing a great job with pictures! Love, Mimi

mom said...

I really enjoyed seeing Alexa's pictures from birth on. She is a doll. Thank you for sharing her with me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving> Anne