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Wife to Adam, mommy to Alexa & Adlee Grace, Christ follower, owner at NewSpring Church, lover of Clemson football, and all things monogrammed. Looking for ways to simplify, serve, and teach my girls what life is all about.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

What a great feeling!

As a mother there are so many things that we look forward to and rejoice in when they happen. The first of which was giving birth to our little miracle, and then most of the time the next big thing is sleeping through the night. Alexa is almost a year, so she has been sleeping through the night for some time now, and it was very exciting the first time it happened. Although, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought WHAT IS WRONG??!! That thought quickly faded and it became the normal thing.

The next thing you realize as a mother is that you can't rock your baby to sleep every night for the rest of their life, so you begin trying to form a routine at bedtime that establishes a good sleep pattern. This includes putting the baby to bed while they are still awake, and for some point in time you deal with crying because the baby does not want to go to sleep (even though they are TIRED!). Then after a few nights it's not as bad...and before you know it, you walk into their room and put them in the crib and that's it!!

Alexa has now gone down without a fuss for the past 3 nights...YEAH!!! It's so exciting, and for the past three nights I have left her room thinking WOW, I can't believe this is real! :) Don't get me wrong, there are still times when I want to hold and rock her, but it's a great feeling to know that I have helped her develop a routine that is establishing her sleep patterns for the rest of her life. Being a mother is so AWESOME! I just love it!


Meredith said...

Just wanted to leave you a shout-out, Autumn! I love seeing your sweet baby!

Autumn said...

Thanks Mere...she is a sweetie! I so enjoy your blog, it's a nice way to be able to keep in touch!