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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just like taking a car to the mechanic!

So, anytime your car is making a funny noise and you decide to take it to the mechanic, it never fails that when you get there it WILL NOT make the noise for anything. Same thing happened to me today! I waited all weekend to see if Alexa was going to get better, and then she formed a rash on Monday, so today we went to the doctor. By the time we got there the rash was almost completely gone! The doctor said it was probably a virus, that for whatever reason it starts with a fever and then after the fever breaks a rash forms. He also said she has a slight ear infection probably from all the sinus drainage. She is now on antibiotics and able to return to daycare tomorrow. So, all is well. Thank you for your prayers!

I have to say I think it is a great thing that she is 3 days short of being a year old and this is her first antibiotic! I attribute this to breastfeeding! I'm glad the year is up so I no longer have to drag my pump everywhere, but I am so glad I have been able to provide a healthy beginning for her. It was worth every minute of it! :)


Meredith said...

I'm so glad she's better!

I just emailed Steph to see if she and Jonathan are doing their usual date night on Friday. If not, we'll scrap, but if they go out, Mom and I will be keeping Perrin. I'll let you know.

Jackie said...

Hey, I asked Stephanie today if she was going, she said she was planning on it. I might come if that is ok with all.

Autumn said...

Of course that's ok!! The more the merrier!! I am so excited, it should be great fun. I hope Jodi is going to get to come, but don't know for sure yet. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! :)

Jackie said...

Sounds good. Do we bring food? Do we use her tools or do we bring our own

Autumn said...

The way she does it, you pay $5 and you can use any of her tools you want to. You can bring food if you want, and she usually has some kind of cookies or something like that and drinks in the fridge. Then you pay for any paper you want to use and adhesive. She also has lots of embellishments that you can use just depending on what she has open that's been extra from classes and stuff like that. I'm so excited!

Jackie said...

I hope I will get something done and not talk the whole time. I get frustrated because I don't have good ideas on how to do the pages. You guys can give me some pointers. Can't wait till tomorrow night. What time you going to be there?

Autumn said...

I'm sure you will get something done...they have lots of different spreads around the store that you can look at for inspiration. Not to mention all the people there who can help you.

I'm probably going to get there about 6 or so...I'm only working a half day tomorrow, but we are supposed to go shopping for Alexa and Walker's birthday presents before I come to the crop.