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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Looking back

If I look back to a year ago...man was I FAT! :) LOL! Every time I say that someone always comes back with, Autumn, you were pregnant. Ok, but still...at the beginning of September, 9 months pregnant feels nothing but FAT! Anyway, some pictures to reminisce about that special time that seemed to take forever! I know all the other moms can sympathize with me there...those 9 months drug on for the longest, and yet this first year has flown by!
My sister Jodi and myself, about 5 weeks from our due date...we had the same one September 16. Oh, and before you ask, NO we didn't plan it. Think about it really, how could we??

Us again...about 4 weeks out.

This is us at Jodi's shower...about 3 weeks before we were due (4 weeks from actual delivery)

And now for the arrival of my angel!!
Alexa's first smile...her great-grandfather spoke to her and she lit up!

Isn't she just precious!

Well, that's a little look into the past. It makes you think! We are so blessed, in so many ways that we take for granted. Alexa is almost a year old, and she is totally healthy and super sweet. What more could we ask for? God is so good to us!


The Dale's said...

SO sweet, makes me wanna cry thinking about how they do grow up so fast! I will miss this time so much!

Autumn said...

Tell me about it...before you know it Perrin will be running around like Alexa, and you will be looking at Jonathon saying, where did the time go? It is all so sweet though, and I know like me, you love every minute of it!