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Monday, September 3, 2007

Alexa's first scrapbook pages

Hey Lou Lou...here are the first two pages I have. I may get another one or two done tonight, but if not I will post them as soon as I do. Let me know what you think. We miss you! :) It was good talking to you today. Love ya!

This is the one you started for me...I added the ultrasound pictures and then both pieces of ribbon on it.

Then this one is of her first appearance. I will probably add some other stuff when I take it to Danna's. I'll send you the final pics when I finish.

Obviously this is one from today...isn't she the cutest Clemson cheerleader you've ever seen??

And then this one is from my shower. I wanted another picture, but didn't have one that worked so maybe I will be able to get another one printed sometime soon and add it, if not, then that's ok too. So, now she has 4 pages in her scrapbook. I'm going to try and go by Danna's tomorrow depending on what time she closes, so they may improve then.


Jackie said...

Great job Autumn. They look good. Keeping up with it as they grow is a lot better than having to go back and catch up....believe me I know from experience.

Autumn said...

Thanks Jackie! I know what you mean...it seems like I'm already behind and she is just a year old, I can't imagine trying to go back after years! I have to say that without a digital camera it would all be hopeless! I don't know how we ever managed to get pictures when it was real film...lol!