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Wife to Adam, mommy to Alexa & Adlee Grace, Christ follower, owner at NewSpring Church, lover of Clemson football, and all things monogrammed. Looking for ways to simplify, serve, and teach my girls what life is all about.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

13 things I'm excited about!!

13. Alexa will be ONE on Saturday!! :)

12. It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!!

11. I'm only working a half day tomorrow!

10. Alexa is feeling much better

9. I get to work on her scrapbook tomorrow

8. Stephanie, Meredith, and Jackie are coming to the crop as well

7. Jodi bought a cricut and I can't wait to use it

6. We are going shopping for baby birthday presents tomorrow

5. I'm getting my hair cut next week!! (it is so desperately needed)

4. I am through pumping, so no more carrying that stupid thing EVERYWHERE!

3. Getting my new tote that's pink and green! :) Thank you Jodi

2. Alexa & Walker's birthday part on Saturday and all the great pictures we will take!

1. ALEXA WILL BE ONE ON SATURDAY!! It's such a big milestone, I think it's worth mentioning again! :)


Meredith said...

No way! She got a cricut?! Awesome.

Autumn said...

Yes ma'am...she got the new one. It has one of the newest cartridges that has all kinds of seasonal stuff. I can't wait to do my pumpkin patch spread with it! :)