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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beach scrapbook pages!!

Last night was so much fun at One Scrappy Chick!! I got two double spreads done to show our beach trip. I had a great time and got a bunch done, I can't wait to go next Friday...and then for the all day crop the Saturday after the baby birthdays!! I am just loving my new hobby, and come to think of it...I don't know why it's taken me this long to get into it. Oh well, I'm making up for lost time now! :) Here are the pages I got done last night. I know they aren't great pictures, but at least you will get an idea Lou Lou! I hope you're having a good weekend!

I thought they turned out very well. I'm so excited about the upcoming spreads. First we have Alexa and Walker's FIRST birthday!! :) YEAH! The party is next weekend, so I will have lots to work on after that. Then we are going to take them to a pumpkin patch and let them pick out a pumpkin, how cute is that? I can't wait...it seems like now I think in terms of how something will look on a scrapbook page! LOL!

Jodi, are you jealous you didn't come now? Just kidding...seriously though, for the orange and blue spread I bought a pack of vacation rub ons, so if you want to use the rest of them you are welcome to. Love ya...maybe next time you can come!

Steph and Mere...can't wait for next weekend and the crop, we will have to much fun! :) See you then!

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