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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun filled Friday

Ok, so not really! Today I was working away as usual when the daycare called about 10:30 and said Alexa had a fever of 101 degrees. So, I went and got her and took her to the doctor's office. We waited for 30 minutes for them to tell me they could see her at 2:15...not a happy mama! I used to work in a doctor's office so I know how stuff like that is, and I really got the feeling that because it was almost lunch time and she wasn't extremely sick that they thought it could wait. Anyway, I took her to her daddy and came back to work. He called me about 1 and said she was fine that she was up eating, drinking, and playing. So we are going to play it by ear this weekend and hopefully she was just teething.

On a different subject that means I might not get to crop tonight :( and since I was really looking forward to that it makes me sad. Depending on how she feels I still might go. Stephanie, it would still be fun for you to come!! :) If you want to come I'll make sure I can be there for at least a little while!! No pressure though :) just an invite!

Oh well, I was supposed to get off early today because I've worked over all week...but since I missed 2 hours earlier that won't be happening. Nothing can really be that bad...why? Because it's FRIDAY!! Everybody have a great weekend! I'll try to post some new scrapbook pages tonight or tomorrow.


The Dale's said...

I would come but I am fixing dinner tonight and then we are hanging out, all three of us. We usually have date night on Friday but we are spending it with Perrin this Friday! Let me know when they have another one though and I will go! My mom would go too! Hope Alexa keeps feeling good!

Meredith said...

Steph - next week! I'll be there!

Autumn said...

Next week sounds good to me!! :) We can all go and have a great time...and of course your mom too! Does that mean daddy is going to have a date night with Perrin? Sounds like a plan...looking forward to it already! Hope you both have a great weekend, and Steph have a great dinner tonight with your guys!

The Dale's said...

Thanks, yes, daddy will be in charge! It is so nice to feel comfortable leaving Perrin with him! He is so good with him, I would hate to not be able to leave them together! What time is the scrapping?