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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures I've taken over the last week or so...

Alexa sitting on her block container and playing with her phone...she thinks it's so funny to sit on her bucket! Don't you love that dress?

Eating pizza...enough said!

Yummy applesauce!

Playing with Uncle Jerry at the house site

Learning how to operate the loader...she was lifting the bucket...with some help!

Cleaning up her mess! We had popcorn and she would get a piece and then crush it...so I got the dustbuster for her to clean it up! She thought it was fun, but I got most of it up!

This was Sunday morning at breakfast...is that not the sweetest face! And yes...she had juice and milk...and she takes a sip of one and then the other...silly girl!

Taking a look at her Easter "basket" LOL! We decided on something that would have a use later instead of a basket, but then nothing would really fit inside of it! :)


Mrs. Mullen said...

love it, love the Hawaii shirt she is sporting...what a cutie...shes growing wayyyyy toooooo fast!!

tania said...

looks like a very fun life where the hardest decision is milk or juice or both?!

Inka said...

she is just so cute! :)

Kristen =) said...