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Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Observation...

Yesterday I went to Newspring as I stated before and I wanted to share an observation I made. Someone in a small group I'm a part of made the comment in one of our sessions that part of being a Christian is doing the right thing. I think we can all agree with this...now it doesn't mean that doing the right thing and being a "good" person makes you a Christian, but as a Christian we do the right thing. Example...you see someone drop some money on the floor, you pick it up and give it back to them. Easy right? One would think so...if we love Jesus then we would do those small things that don't seem like a big deal! Anyway, I have heard people talk about how church people aren't any different from regular people, and I think we can all agree that there are people who go to church who act differently the other 6 days of the week. Now, not saying I'm perfect or anything...I know I don't always act like I should. However, as Christians we should act a certain way...and sometimes not only do we not act that way when we are in the world...but we also don't always act that way when we are in a Christian environment. I read a blog on someone's trip to a Christian conference and how they couldn't believe the way women acted at lunch time or on break when trying to get to the bathroom or to the book tables. Ever noticed that?? Ever been one of those women who got mad b/c another CHRISTIAN woman broke in front of you? WOW!! What an observation! Ok, back to NewSpring...yesterday they had baptism in all 4 services, and it was truly amazing! The baptismal pool is in the atrium, so they had it blocked off and had carpet down on the floor leading to the bathroom so when people came out of the pool there wouldn't be a huge wet mess on the floor. Jodi and Brad volunteered during the second service, so I waited on them in the lobby and watched the baptism for the second service. I love observing people...so I got to do a bit of this while waiting on them. Do you know what I noticed?? Several people would stumble on the rugs layed out for the baptism, and the rugs would roll up...and EVERY time it happened the person turned around and fixed it. Now, I know that seems like an incredibly small thing...but I was really impressed. How many times have we witnessed someone do something like that and just keep going? How many times have we done something like that?


The Dale's said...

Oh, yes, I am not perfect, not even close but I have seen the same things. I was at a conference this weekend and for the most part it was lovely but some women were getting mad and pushing and such!! I couldn't believe these ladies!

It also bothers me when I see believers claiming Jesus and how we should act but also on another page claiming there secular views/practices! No one is perfect but it can be such a hindrance to nonbelievers as too what being a Christian means if they see/hear both views from us Christians....that is something that I struggle to understand, especially on the internet, ya know?

Funky Finds said...

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Jodi said...

wow - what a great observation. It's always awesome to see Christians behaving like we do love Jesus and thus care about other people!

Mimi said...

What can I say but that I'm proud to be your Mama! Love you!

Kristen =) said...

Great Post Autumn!