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Monday, March 3, 2008

Dogs, goats, and chickens...

We had a great weekend, overall uneventful, but lots of fun nonetheless! As you know if you read this post I had a date on Friday. We had a great time...we had dinner at Thai Taste and spent the rest of the evening talking and getting to know each other. I don't know when we will have the chance to go out again, but I'm looking forward to it!! :) Yes...that's all you're getting!! :)

I came home to a rather unpleasant surprise Friday night. Mimi was up with Walker who had been throwing up since they got home with him. Not a good feeling for anyone! By the time I got home he had been about 20 minutes without throwing up, and after another 25 minutes Mimi decided it was probably ok to put him down for the night. He did fine for the most part on Saturday and we thought it had passed completely. Jodi and Brad found out differently on their way home.

As far as I know he is fine today, unfortunately Jodi and Brad were sick all night. Please say a prayer for our entire family. We were all at their house yesterday, so we are hopeful that they feel better today, and that we don't all get whatever has attacked the Williams family.
Saturday afternoon before Jodi and Brad came to get Walker, we took the babies to the Brock's farm. They have goats, and recently two of the goats gave birth, so they have one female goat and then male twins. Jeff told us they grow up really quickly so if we wanted to see them as babies we should come ASAP! He was right...the twins were born on Valentine's Day, and the female was a week later...they do not look like they are less than a month old!

Alexa and Walker were both a bit uncertain about the goats, chickens, and dogs...but we got some cute pictures anyway! They also got to ride on the golfcart, and Alexa thought that was awesome! She seems to be feeling much better, and I am super thankful for that!
I hope you all had a great weekend...enjoy the pics!

Alexa and Mimi looking at the goats

What a cutie!!

Silly Girl!

Pretending to try and touch a goat :) As soon as one came close she would pull her hand away!

and grin like this!!

She didn't even like the baby goat!

Look at that face!

Alexa wanted to drive!

Just hanging out!

Alexa and mommy

We all love the steps!

Alexa playing in her kitchen after her bath Saturday night!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

I'm so glad both of my sweet little grandbabies are feeling better and equally hopeful the rest of us don't get whatever this has been!