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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, I hope everyone else did too! Yesterday Alexa and I went to a birthday party for Morgan, and Alexa loved it! I work with Morgan's mom Tia, so we have become friends that way, and although the girls are several years apart they love each other! The party was at a skating rink, so Alexa didn't get to do that, but she had a good time running around and dancing. After we left we headed to Anderson to NewSpring . That was possibly the best worship service I have EVER been to! I can't wait to go back!!

Jodi and Brad started going to NewSpring several months ago and have really enjoyed it...now I know why! After that we went to Logans to eat and as always Alexa ate a bunch! LOL! Then this morning we had our Easter service and Mimi and I sang a duet. The service was packed out, and it was nice to see some people we haven't seen in a while. Then we headed to my Aunt Marian's house for lunch with our whole family. We are pretty spread out these days, so it's really nice when everyone can get together!

Here are some pictures from the Easter egg hunt! All of the kids had a great time...and Alexa was surprisingly good at it! LOL!

Here we are in front of the cross at church...they do such a lovely job of putting it together every year! Here is Alexa pushing her new babydoll around in her stroller...definitely a hit!

Are these outfits not just the cutest?! Mimi made Alexa's dress and Walker's JonJon and then Jodi appliqued the chick and bunny on the front...we were super pleased with how they turned out. Oh, and amazingly enough Alexa wore her hat the majority of the time!

Let the egg hunt begin!

I was really surprised at how well Alexa did finding eggs. Now, don't get me wrong they weren't really hidden...but still for an 18 month old she did a great job, and we didn't point them out to her either! The big boys also did a good job of leaving eggs for the babies to find!

Then she wanted to look inside all of them! We didn't put anything inside because they don't need any candy! LOL

Then she dumped her basket out!

She sat with mommy long enough for one picture...then she ran away to find more eggs. We hid them twice!

This is her second basket full...and then she decided to eat the eggs!

Then she would hand them to Uncle Jerry...he ended up with the entire basket in his lap!

Alexa thought it would be fun to play in the dump truck...it was slightly smaller than her hiney! :)

Then we picked all of the eggs up and put them away

I think everyone really enjoyed the day!


Delighted said...

What beautiful Easter outfits! That Mimi is a genius!

Mimi said...

Thank's Meredith! It's actually Jodi & the embroidery that makes them extra special. They were both too cute, though! PS - so was Perrin!! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Jodi said...

oh come on...I think it's the 2 cuties that make them "extra special" LOL - definitely a fun day! Don't you know next year will be even that much better? Woo hoo...such fun days now and ahead!!

Kristen =) said...

Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter.

She is adorable!

Misty T. said...

Hey Autumn....I figured I have have "lurked" long enough... I thought I would comment about New Spring... Andrew and I attend there any chance we get, in fact, while he was in school at Clemson he was a member there ... its awesome !!!!! Alexa is sooo cute and I am so excited about your new job... God Bless!