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Monday, March 31, 2008

No New Pictures :(

I would love to tell you that I took a bunch of awesome pictures this weekend and that I will be posting them soon, but that would be a lie. :( I mentioned that my new camera is MIA...I have a theory on that, but no need to go into detail. Anyway, in it's absence I have been using my old camera. Well, one night last week I got my camera out of my purse to take a few pics with it, and when I turned it on everything seemed fine until nothing showed up on the LCD...the lens is broken. So that means my backup camera is out of commission now as well. BOO! I am trying to make a decision about a new camera...but in the meantime there won't be any new pictures. Just wanted to let you all know...it's not just b/c I'm being slack!

On a different note, we had a great weekend. Friday night we stayed home and just tried to relax...and it was wonderful! Pop grilled burgers for us, and Mimi and I made green beans and macaroni salad. Then Saturday we got up and Pop worked on the house site for a good portion of the day. Mimi had a quilt class to go to, so Alexa and I spent a leisurely morning at home before we got ready to go shopping. After lunch we headed out with Mimi to find some new summer clothes. We went to Old Navy and then to Gaffney. We made some great discoveries, and Mimi got a few outfits for Pop and herself to take on their vacation next week. We are definitely going to miss them while they are gone! Then we came home and had take-out for supper...yummy Chinese! :)

I got up super early Sunday morning to get ready for church. I have made the decision to start attending NewSpringwith Jodi and Brad and as a result we had to be at their house at 8 to be in Anderson by 9:15. I can't wait for the Greenville campus to open in July so we won't have to drive quite as far, but it is totally worth it in the meantime! I can't wait to get involved and be a part of the great work God is doing in and through this church!

That's about it for our weekend. Thankfully I am on spring break from school this week...still have to work, but I am so thankful for a little break! I seem to be completely exhausted these days, so hopefully I can recooperate some this week, and spend some quality time with my precious little girl! I hope you all are having a great day on this Monday, don't forget to thank God for the many blessings in your life...I know I am!!


Inka said...

i´m sorry to hear about your cameras.. i hope you´ll find your #1 camera soon.
but i´m happy to hear you had a nice weekend. :)

Kristen =) said...

Don't you love how sweet Inka is?
She always has the sweetest comments.