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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hair thoughts...

As you may know I have worked very hard to grow my hair out over the past few years, and I absolutely love it long...but lately I feel the need for a change for some reason. We have talked about donating to Locks of Love...and at this point I have enough to donate...but it would mean my hair being VERY short! I go back and forth between wanting to cut it and leaving it alone until it's a little bit longer. I just can't decide...what should I do?

I was looking at the picture on my driver's license this weekend and it reminded me how cute my hair was short. Even if I couldn't put it up, it was really cute. Thoughts??!! ANYONE??


mom said...

You have beautiful hair long or short. I can't say which way I think looks best on you. I always tell Lindsey that I think she should leave hers long for now because when you get old like me you can't wear your hair long;it seems to drag your face down. Too soon we get old too late we get smart> PS So sorry to hear Alexa and Walker have been sick. Love the pics of both.

Freckled Nest said...

no...i like your hair this way. but show us a picture of the short version.

i think keep this hair and if you want change..get a diff style.
but keep it at handful length.


Mrs. Mullen said...

Leave it long knucklehead.

Autumn said...

So, amazingly enough can you believe that even Jimbo told me to keep it long. I asked him what he thought...I'm not sure why because I didn't expect a real answer from him, and he said he thought I should leave it like it is. WHAT??!!

Anne, you are not old!

Jodi said...

as I wouldn't think you'd want to go "boy-short", I'd give it awhile before cutting to donate...maybe just change up your style some!

photography4me said...

Short styles are really cute too. But the day will come when you make your decision. I really like the length of your hair that is in your right column, your next to Mimi, and I believe you are wearing a red shirt. I can say that if your looking for something to pump things up some on days when your hair isn't to your liking try some new product, or the next time your at the salon have your hair texturized. It will help with some lift on those days that you need one. So to speak.

I'm the kind of person that likes to change things up. Hope this helped. Angela

photography4me said...

Geeezzz, I hope that was you in the red shirt!!?? I should have looked closer to the name above the picture.

photography4me said...

Oh my! I really messed up....Sorry! Giving to locks of love will be a great feeling when your done.

Have a good evening.