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Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok, this is what I have been wanting to post since last Tuesday when I wrote this. Wednesday afternoon I had an interview for a new job...and this job is exciting for several different reasons. The main reason is that with this job I would be a Spartanburg Regional employee...FINALLY! I have been in this office for a year and a half...and while my job is by no means temporary I am still a contract employee. Which means my benefits stink!

When I had my interview last week I thought it went really well, and I was mainly glad God allowed me the chance to have an interview for one of the open positions. I have never felt I was good at interviews, but I thought this one was pretty smooth! I was able to be perfectly honest with the three coordinators I met with and I never felt like they had a negative feeling. Even when I made a mistake with the adding machine...LOL! :) I don't ever use an adding machine...I use the calculator on my computer, so when they asked me to add a list of items I really didn't think I would have a problem. OOPS! The machine was set up that you either had to use a decimal or you had to put zeros after the number...so for instance if you typed in 98 and hit enter the machine added it as $0.98 instead of $98...see my point! We all laughed about it and they basically told me they were more interested to see how I would handle it if I made a mistake than making sure I got it exactly right. So, even though I got the wrong answer I still passed the test. LOL! :)

I finally got the call this morning, and after some negotiations I will start orientation on April 14th, and I couldn't be happier! I will only be moving to the office next door, but Alexa will be able to go to the daycare here when I get a spot for her and my benefits will be much better! God is so good to me!!! I know you have all been wondering what my exciting news was and this is it...I can't wait to start my new job!


Haley said...

Congratulations, Autumn!

Jodi said...

woo hoo - rejoicing with you! God is SO SO SO GOOD!!!!

Inka said...

so happy to hear this autumn!!

Mimi said...

So happy for you, Autumn!

Kristen =) said...

Congrats! Congrats!

The Dale's said...

Oh yay! Awesome news to hear! What doctor will you take Alexa too? Our dr.'s are great but I know it is waaaay outta the way for you! Congrats again!!

Jackie said...

Congratulation! I know you can't wait.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Duh, I just saw this...sorry...anyways, CONGRATS!!

I know you were really wanting this for many reasons!! I hope lex will love her new daycare and you your new job :)

tania said...

so cool! Congratulations, I know a wee bit late,but i am just catching up on my blog reading. Isn't that great that the day care is so close.

Autumn said...

Thanks girls...I can't wait to start! Hopefully Alexa won't have to stay on the wait list for too long. It will be awesome when she is over here b/c we can have lunch together!!

Steph, I've actually been thinking about changing her doctor for some time...she has private insurance already, but I just haven't found somewhere I like more. I like her doctor...it's the office I don't like!