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Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Adventure

I always love going somewhere on the weekends...at least until I get home! Not because I don't love being home, but because I feel like everything is out of order. I never seem to get caught up on everything until the next weekend...so that means all week I feel behind! Alexa and I went to Columbia this weekend to hang out with Lindsey and Severyn...and we had a great time. I have to say that I try to be a very prepared mother, but there are lots of times when I fall just short of the mark. This weekend would be a perfect example.

Shortly after reaching Columbia, Sev decides to play horsey with Alexa. So, being the good little mama that I am I run for my camera. Only to realize after I pull it out that the battery is almost dead. So, I got some really cute pictures of them playing horsey, but that was the extent of my picture taking this weekend. I think part of the problem is that my old camera operated on 2 AA batteries, so I always knew if it died I could go buy some...that wouldn't be the case with my lithium battery! Oh well. Then the second case was when I went to change Alexa's diaper...mama and I had the discussion before I left that if I didn't take enough diapers I could always get some in Columbia. Well, I had plenty of those, but magically no wipes to go with them. Alexa really enjoys emptying her diaper bag and then taking the contents all over the house. So on Thursday night when I was packing I thought of everything else I should take...but I never checked on the wipes. So Saturday morning we went to the drug store and bought some wipes. Not a big deal, but a reminder that it really is hard to think of EVERYTHING!

We had a nice relaxing weekend with Linds and Sev, and got home last night just in time to watch the Giants score the winning touchdown of the Super Bowl!!! Now, I am not a Giants fan, but I very much dislike the Patriots, so I was pulling for the Giants last night. I also like Peyton Manning, and since Eli is his brother, I guess I like him too. I was super glad for him that he got his ring last night. Besides, Tom Brady has 3 already...he needs to learn to share! :) Alexa could teach him about sharing because she is learning how to do it more and more every day!

Saturday night we got to hang out with Jessie while she was babysitting for a friend of hers...so Alexa got to play with Riley, who is a month older than she is. Then last night we went back to their house for a Super Bowl party so they got to play again. Alexa and Riley got along great...we had a few sharing lessons while we were there...but for the most part they were both really sweet to each other.

Here are the pictures...enjoy!

Lindsey tried to get Alexa to hold onto Sev so she wouldn't have to keep running around behind them...but Alexa didn't quite understand!

Being silly on the floor...

I love how she crosses her feet!! :) She does it every night when I put her in bed!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

It looks like Sev and Alexa really hit it off! Glad you all had fun. We had a great weekend at home, too!