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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Does anything stay the same?

I've been doing some thinking about change, and how lots of time change is a good thing, but sometimes it's just change for the sake of change. I think we all like things to stay relatively the same, but I just have to wonder why? Let me explain.

This weekend Lindsey and Sev came over to the house for a little bit, and while they were there Lindsey noticed a sketch of a house plan. She asked if I had done it and I told her no, daddy did it...and it's the plan for mama and daddy's new house. Lindsey immediately looked at daddy and said, "NO!!! You can't move, I mean mama and daddy moved, but I always said well, at least Diane and Jimbo are still there." Of course daddy looked at her and said that he had never lived in Hawaii so he would move where he pleased, and we all laughed and joked about it, but honestly I know what she means.

I remember when Anne redid the bathroom Lindsey used growing up, and the ducks were gone. We were both heartbroken because that was what we were used to. Now, every time I drive by their old house it takes me a minute to realize it's not theirs anymore! I think their new house is gorgeous, and I love visiting there, but it's just not the same. I know that our children (b/c I know Lindsey is going to have one SOMETIME) won't get to play in the creek like we did, or run through the pasture like wild Indians! Now I have the same feeling about the land behind our house...Alexa won't get to play out in the woods like I did, or climb those same trees.

I know there will be great memories made wherever we are, but it's hard to leave all of the great memories we already have! That is the house I grew up in, and the only place I lived until I went off to college. It's where Josh and I used to play in the woods, cutting down trees and building forts. It's home.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited about the thought of living in a new house (should we still be living there when it is completed), but I will always think of 407 Fairwinds as home! I know Lindsey will agree with me, but I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

Why is it that once we become adults that we expect our parents to stay in the same place forever just so we can have our safe place? Is what Lindsey said really true? If they are always there does it mean that nothing has really changed? I am happy for mama, she gets the house she has always wanted, and I know that I will love it too, but for some strange reason it still makes me sad that 407 Fairwinds will be someone else's home after they move. I guess I have answered my own question...no, nothing stays the same!


Delighted said...

Autumn, you are definitely not the only ones. Some people welcome change, but I truly believe that the large majority of us has at least some amount of resistance to it. If my parents moved it would be very difficult for me. (Like you, my parents have never lived anywhere else in my lifetime.) I have had real problems with change my whole life -- not as bad as Lindsey, though. I remember the ducks, too! :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you HAD to bring up the DUCKS!!! bless those ducks, do you remember when mom ripped them...just RIPPED them down with NO guilt about it....not even careful to keep from ripping the ducks in two...and I went back with a pencil and drew little duck angels all over the wall...LOL. **sigh,tear**

You know how I feel so I wont even bother answering your question...

I tried to explain it to mom the best way I knew how...its like...I know Chris and I would never ride our skooters down the hill beside our house, or go crawdad catching in the creek....but it was comforting knowing that IF I wanted to....I could....LOL.

and YES everyone thinks I'm strange, I realize this ;)

Jackie said...

AMEN, AMEN! I too do not like change but I know I have to learn to like it. Love you guys, JM

Mimi said...

It will be interesting to see if this new house really comes to fruition (and the timeframe for the completion as well) -- I too am a little sad to think we will move from the spot I've called home for so long, I told Autumn I had that strange feeling when I drove in to the driveway last Friday night after work. It will be sad to move from the pool and not see our grandchildren swimming and or learning to swim there, it will also be sad to leave my fish ponds and the fish we enjoy watching and feeding -- but at the same time it will be nice to have a new house Jimbo has spent so much time and effort planning, trying to get it just perfect as this will certainly be the last home we build, possibly not the last place we live on this earth but the last place he builds for us. It's nice to know he will be building it with love for all of us. No, nothing stays the same and yes, change is hard for all of us. With that knowledge isn't it great to know and remember that our Heavenly Father doesn't change - the same yesterday, today and forever! How wonderful to have HIS love!

Autumn said...

Mer, I guess it will have to satisfy Lindsey (and now me) to say, well at least Jackie and Mike are still in the same place, so maybe nothing has really changed!! :)

Yes, Linds the ducks met a horrible paper tearing death! :) You're right, you never would've played in the creek again...at least until you had children! I'm not even going there with you, but since I KNOW you are going to have one some day I maintain my previous statements about it! :) Lexa wants a friend to play with, so hurry it up! :) Just kidding...whenever you are ready!

Me either Jackie!

Oh Mimi, I'm sure we will all get over our pains of leaving 407, but it still saddens me! :(