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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy SAD!

I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning and they were talking about today...as SAD (Singles Awareness Day)...LOL! I had totally forgotten we used to call Valentine's day that. It really made me laugh, because although I am single, I don't see it as any big deal. I hope those of you who have a special someone have a wonderful day with them...for the rest of us we will just have a wonderful day being us. Actually for me that's not entirely true, I have the best Valentine ever...Alexa!

Last night was super busy, we went straight to church after we picked Alexa up from daycare. We had a nice supper and then went to our small group of Experiencing God. I am really enjoying the study, but I can see God showing me I need to make more time for Him every day! After we finished there Mimi had orchestra practice, and Alexa and I needed to pick a few things up at the store for Vday. We went back and got Mimi and then headed home to prepare for today.

Alexa took cookies to daycare today, and HANDMADE valentines for her classmates and teachers. Are you impressed? Well you should be! LOL! I did bake her cookies, but they weren't "homemade"...they came right out of the package and onto the baking sheet...I figure I can get away with those at least for a few more years! :) Then I had to make stuff to bring to work today. My ice cream delight was requested, so even though I have given up dairy I told the girls I would bring it anyway...I just won't eat any. Then I made some ranch chicken bites...they are super yummy and with panko instead of regular bread crumbs on the outside it gives them a little different twist!

After all of the food was finished I started working on the cards. Thank goodness she has a small class or I would've been up all night **note to self: when Alexa gets older and has larger classes make sure you start on valentines at least one week ahead of time!** I was really pleased with the way they turned out!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today...and a great weekend as it is quickly approaching! Here are some pictures from the last week...Enjoy!

Alexa was sitting in Pop's lap and he was giving her fishies as she calls them, but it wouldn't do for him to just hand them to her! He had to put it in her cup and then she would turn the cup up and get the goldfish that way!

Clapping for herself for eating the fishies...too cute!

Here is Alexa trying to climb into the kitchen chair
Pop making sure she doesn't fall!

She made it!

and got to the applesauce which was what she really wanted!

Alexa and Sevy have become great friends! She loves playing with him!

Here is the spread I did of Mimi and Pop with Alexa and Walker...it's called "Moments with Mimi and Playtime with Pop" if you can't read the titles!

and then two spreads of Alexa and Mommy...she is such a sweet girl!


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cute scrapbook pages! I gotta get back to it soon before I am way way behind!!!!!