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Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Thursday!!

For some reason I am really happy today is Thursday...I'm not sure if it's because that means tomorrow is Friday and I get to leave early or what, but I am in the best mood today! :) It's been a while since I've done a Thursday Thirteen, but I wanted to do one this week. So, here are 13 things I am excited about!

  1. The weekend...it's always way too short for me, but I always have the best time with Alexa and the rest of our family. Not to mention that the weather is supposed to be nice, so that just makes it better!
  2. As I mentioned before...I'm leaving early tomorrow! I really look forward to leaving early on Fridays, and when I have to stay until 4 or 5 on Friday it seems like the day lasts FOREVER! LOL!
  3. I hope I'll have some time to scrap this weekend, and I am definitley looking forward to that!
  4. Finding cute Easter outfits for Alexa & Walker! Mimi might be making them...but we haven't decided yet.
  5. Seeing Lindsey if she gets to come home this weekend.
  6. Hanging out with some of the girls from work on Saturday night (if I have a babysitter!)
  7. Tuesday
  8. Hopefully getting my hair cut tomorrow...don't know for sure yet, but it definitely needs it!
  9. A little shopping...I'm always excited about shopping! :)
  10. Making new friends
  11. I'm excited that warm weather is just around the corner...I'm ready for short sleeves and cute capri pants!! :)
  12. I am even more excited about wearing sandals again!! I think a pedicure is definitely in order...hmm...maybe tomorrow!
  13. Speaking of sandals...I have seen some really cute new sandals for the upcoming season...you all know how much I love new shoes...might have to pick up a pair this weekend! :)

I hope you all are having a great week...I know I am! I am definitely looking forward to this weekend, I hope you all have a great one!


Jackie said...

I don't know if you ever go to the Hamrick's Kid Store in Gaffney but they had LOTS of cute smocked dresses and reasonably priced. Steph and I got Perrin two cute little smocked Jon Jon's. They were just $20 a piece. Dresses are little more but they are darling.

Mimi said...

Of course MiMi wouldn't be MiMi if she didn't ask - what's Tuesday? - now would she? LOL

Jackie said...

Stephanie and I went to a consignment store today...A Child Again. It had lots of cute little girl clothes. It's on Hwy 29 in Taylors on the left side of the road going toward Greenville. Good prices.

Jackie said...

Oh and if Walker can where a size 18 months or 24 months they had a few cute jon jon's. Nothing in Perrin's size though. boo

Autumn said...

Thanks for the info Jackie...we might have to check that out tomorrow!!