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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two in a row

Last night I got out of class surprisingly early...I was home just a few minutes after 7. Mimi and Pop went to see Walker, and Alexa stayed with Aunt Sylvia, so when I got home I had the house to myself for a little while. I made something to eat and then relaxed just a little before getting my scrap stuff back out. I really didn't think I would have time last night, so I was really excited when we got out early!

I didn't want to pick Alexa up too early because I know how much fun she has with Sylvia, and last night they were having visitors! My Aunt Cathy and Uncle JT are in town so they stopped by for supper and to play with Alexa so I wanted to make sure they got plenty of time with her. I finally went to get her about 8, and I could tell she was sleepy when I got there. So, we came home and changed clothes so she was ready for bedtime. She played just a few minute and then I put her down about 8:30. She went straight to sleep, and after I did a few chores I headed straight to scrap!

I always have an abundance of pictures to choose from, but the hard part for me is deciding on a title. Sometimes even when I come up with one it won't be while I'm working on that spread, so by the time I get back to it I have totally forgotten! LOL...big surprise right? Last night I decided to sit down and group and label all of my pictures with the title I want to use so when I "feel inspired" to work on that spread I will already know what to call it! After I finished with that, or at least partially finished, I started on a spread. I think it's a really cute spread, and it really shows Alexa's personality! She is such a silly girl! :)

Alexa has always loved playing peek-a-boo...even when she was much smaller she would just giggle when we put something over her head and said "where's Lexa" and then pulled it away. Well, now she does it all herself! It's so cute...and as always, she claps for herself when she pulls the blanket off her head. She is a mess! :)

1 comment:

Jodi said...

too cute - love all the progress!