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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful for Thursday

I am always thankful for Thursday, because it means tomorrow is Friday...and I always LOVE Friday!! :) I have convinced myself to forget about my speeding ticket from this morning, and I'm trying to avoid mirrors so I don't have to see my bad hair day, and I'm going to enjoy this rather cold Thursday! So, for this weeks Thursday Thirteen I think I'm just going to do 13 random things that are running through my mind right now!

  1. I still can't believe I got a speeding ticket this morning...I mean I know I was speeding, I guess I can't believe I got caught! LOL
  2. I need to go back to Ingles to see if they have ever gotten any soy creamer in...I have been at least twice when they have been out, and Food Lion doesn't carry it. :(
  3. I just don't understand why my office is always freezing...no matter how much we ask them to change the temperature it's always freezing. I guess I should be thankful I'm not working outside!
  4. What am I going to wear to work tomorrow...and then on my date tomorrow night...hmm. Lots of obviously important decisions there!! :) I'm so excited! Maybe I can try to pick up a new shirt tonight after class.
  5. I can't wait for Lindsey to have children so Stephanie and I can repay all the "favors" she has done us by teaching Alexa and Perrin any number of things to try and get their mothers to pull their hair out! :) Lindsey...I would like to remind you of what they say about payback!
  6. I wish I had a venti soy caramel macchiato to drink right now...it would help me warm up, and they are super YUMMY! It's a good thing Starbucks isn't convenient, and I'm always late because I could definitely see myself forming that habit in a hurry!! :) It's a nice treat, but it would cost way too much to do it every day!
  7. I am so glad Alexa is feeling better...her poor mouth has been giving her fits! She didn't get her first tooth until she was almost a year old, and then slowly added others, well within the last week we have seen 5 new teeth begin to emerge. She has been in so much pain, and she just hasn't been herself! I know that if we can see 5 of them there are probably more we can't see, so it's been a lot for her to deal with! I don't like it when my baby doesn't feel good!
  8. I need to set up a time with Jodi to take the babies to have their pictures made again. We took them for the first time together last year when they were 6 months old...we were supposed to go again at a year, but the time just slipped away from us. Not to mention that since they were both mobile at that point it would've been hard to get them to cooperate!
  9. I am excited about my date tomorrow night...have I already mentioned that?? :)
  10. I need to get a new mat for my cricut...the one I have is totally shot! I am on the verge of withdrawals because I can't use it until I get a new one. Mer, we would both love to craft with you again soon...let us know when you are going to be in town and have time to get together. I know how busy weekends are, especially when you're only here for a few days!
  11. I am really ready for spring...this cold weather is driving me crazy! I used to think I wanted to live in NYC at some point in my life...I have recently decided against that! I can't stand being cold, and while I would like having lots of cute coats, hats, and gloves for the weather I would hate going out every day! It drives me crazy here and it's not even that cold! Not to mention that I have some really cute sandals I'm DYING to wear!! :)
  12. I am doing really well with my no dairy thing...and there are really only two things bugging me...the first one is pizza. I got a pizza from Sidestreet a couple of weeks ago and it was GREAT...but all of the girls in my office have been ordering personal pans from Pizza Hut, and I and I can tell it wouldn't be the same without the cheese! The second thing is milk, and it really only gets to me when there are cookies involved! On Sunday I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and when they were done all I could think about was how yummy it would be to dip one into a really cold glass of milk. Oh well for that one!
  13. I am so ready for tomorrow...this should be a great weekend! :) I think I might have both babies Saturday morning, which is always so much fun! I love watching Alexa and Walker play together, and I hope they will always be close. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures this weekend...I've been kind of slack on that lately!

I hope you all have a great Thursday...and an even better weekend! :)

**UPDATE** I wrote this earlier, and forgot to post it...LOL! Anyway, when I got home from school tonight Alexa wasn't feeling well again. You can tell it's her teeth, but I would ask you to pray for her. Clearly cutting so many teeth at one time is very painful!

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