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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Step One

I made lots of resolutions last year...and even made a plan for a few of them, but because I didn't see the plan too often, other things quickly became more important. As a result I am planning on doing a goal update at least once a month to keep me accountable to the blog world.

The first goal I want to look at is organization. I am extremely organized in some aspects of my life, and others I fall way short! Most nights I don't get home until between 6 and 7, and that certainly makes the night fly by when you consider bedtime for A comes at 8:30. Prior to this year I have been in school several nights a week and that made the time I was at home with A much more precious. Now that I have a little more time at home, I can hopefully spend more time with her and not totally neglect my space.

Ok, now to breakdown my goal of organization.

Step 1 is to remove all of the unnecessary stuff from my room. (I have already made some accomplishments in this area)
Step 2 is to make my bed EVERY morning (I was in the habit of doing this for a while and somewhere along the way I let it slip)
Step 3 is to go through A's toys and weed out the ones she no longer plays with, or is too old for.
Step 4 is to get a better system for keeping my coupons together.
Step 5 is to maintian all of the above on a daily basis so I don't get behind again.

Well, that's my plan so far...I'll update in a few weeks as to my progress on the above!

1 comment:

Mrs. Mullen said...

Good luck w/ this part of your goal!! I know you can do it :-) I need to put my goal list down. We can help keep each other on task!!