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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Joys...or lack thereof!

On Tuesday of this past week we made the transition that I have been looking forward to least. Well, I say least, but that's not exactly true. I have been looking forward to this transition from the standpoint of, it will be a lot easier, and it will save some money...but the work/mess involved makes it less enjoyable. If you haven't figured out what I'm talking about, it's potty training.

After doing some reading and talking with people we made the decision to go straight from diapers to big girl underwear. There are multiple reasons for this decision. The first one is her daycare potty trains this way...there is no in between. I really felt like it would be silly do one thing at daycare, and something totally different at home. I know some people use training pants, and that is fine too, but they cost more money than diapers, and they slow down the process.

Tuesday was Alexa's first day, and she only had 4 accidents at school, and 2 after she got home. I thought that was AWESOME for her first try. Wednesday she stayed dry the entire day at school, and had one accident after she got home. Thursday she was with her daddy, and she didn't do quite as well, but then Friday she went the whole day with no accidents.

I still overreact when she has an accident, but we are both doing better. I am happy to say that this is going much better than I originally anticipated. She's not perfect...and neither am I...and we are working through this together. I will definitely be happy when this is over!

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