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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got my GOODIES!!

I just got my package from Meredith, and I am so excited!! I am currently planning an outfit for tomorrow that will showcase my newest accessory. Here are some pics of my new goods. Thanks Mere!

My super cute journal that I can't wait to use!

This picture certainly doesn't do this necklace justice, but I couldn't get a better one. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!! What are the chances of me talkng Meredith into making my necklace into a set? Once October is over I might be able to budget that for November! :) She also sent me some great scrapbooking extras...which I'm super excited about because I have made the commitment not to spend any extra money in October in an effort to jump start my get out of debt plan.

This is a totally random picture of Alexa showing off her newest trick! She has learned to climb into her rocking chair. Tonight she actually sat down the right way.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

Hey Autumn,
I bought those beads on sale a long time ago, so I don't think they have any left for me to make earrings. I will check, though! I had wanted to make a bracelet to go with it, but the lady at the shop told me that the big, ceramic bead would easily break if you hit your wrist on a hard surface - so I didn't want to risk it.
I'm glad you like everything! :)