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Wife to Adam, mommy to Alexa & Adlee Grace, Christ follower, owner at NewSpring Church, lover of Clemson football, and all things monogrammed. Looking for ways to simplify, serve, and teach my girls what life is all about.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Melt My Heart!

One of the things I hate most about mornings is having a deadline. My job is extremely flexible, and I don't technically have to be here until 8:30, but if I don't come in until 8:30 that means I can't leave until 5 and it also means that on my flex weeks I can't have Friday off. I am not crazy about either option, so that typically puts me on a pretty tight schedule in the mornings. This morning was no different, except for the fact that Alexa woke up before I got out of the shower. Poor thing, she fell out of her bed. She wasn't hurt, but she was standing in my room when I came out of the bathroom, and she wanted her mommy. I quickly picked her up and started one of her fave videos so I could finish getting ready. We had a few tense moments as I was trying to get her ready because she wanted to finish her video, but for the most part we did ok. It took a few more minutes than I would've preferred and we got to work a few mintues later than I would've liked, but life goes on right?

Then as we are walking to her class holding hands she looked at me and said 'mommy, you are my best friend!' Oh I melted! I stopped in the middle of the hallway, bent down and gave her the biggest hug and said 'Alexa you are my best friend too'. It was the sweetest thing, and it made my imperfect morning completely perfect. What a blessing from God my sweet little girl is!!


Mrs. Mullen said...

hmmmmmmmmmm, it appears I have competition!!!! hehe, j/k. love that sweet little bean!!

Autumn said...

You got that right! She spends way more time with me than you do...even if it's not by choice LOL!

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol...oh okay, thats cools...so I get my best friend spot back when shes a teen and wants NOTHINg to do w/ momma, HAHA ;)

Autumn said...

That's right! Only about 10 years (give or take) to go...then I'm all yours again. Unless of course I have another sweet baby between now and then. LOL!