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Monday, May 26, 2008

WOW weekend!

I can't even begin to explain what a great weekend we had! We got off to a great start on Friday. I had a date Friday night, and Alexa went with Mimi and Pop to dinner and then to Lowe's. I had great time on my date! Then Saturday we spent the morning at the new house site with Pop. Mimi has some new pictures to post...maybe she will get that done tonight! Alexa had the best time playing at the new house. She got good and dirty! :)

After that Alexa and I attended a barbecue that afternoon with a friend of mine and then Mimi and I had a wedding that night. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and such a sweet ceremony! We really enjoyed going and catching up with some old friends there.
Then yesterday was church in the morning, and then a special surprise yesterday afternoon! Our cousin Pam was down in Aiken this weekend for a wedding, and we went down to pick her up. They were having a polo match so we got to watch part of that. It was really neat! Alexa loved the ponies! Every time they ran by us or came near us she would just cheer! After the match was over we went into the downtown area of Aiken and found the cutest little restaurant to eat dinner. Davor's Cafe was simply delicious! We had a tapas dinner and everything was phenomenal! We had shrimp and grits, risotto, sashimi tuna, pork rolls, crab and artichoke dip, and then creme brulee for dessert. I hope we will get to go there again sometime!

Tonight we had a small cookout at our house. Grandpa and Grace came and brought Pam and Tona (Pam's daughter who flew in today). They brought dinner to us, and Pop grilled steaks and sausages. Everything was great...I ate too much as always! :)
Here are some pictures from our weekend. I hope you all had a great time this weekend and a great Memorial Day today. We had to work, but it was a great day nonetheless! Enjoy the pics, and enjoy your week!

Alexa cheering for the ponies
The pretty ponies!

Alexa and Mommy watching polo

Mimi and Alexa "stomping divets"

Here they are coming back!

Alexa and Mommy

Pam and Mimi

The three of us behind the fountain at Davor's...Lexa loved the water

Mimi and Alexa in front of the horsey


Brenda said...

You're hair is cute curly.

Brenda said...

Your...not you're

Kristen =) said...

I love that picture of you guys... Very Cute!